Some Signs that Your Teen Needs Invisalign

Nearly 75% of all teenagers and kids have dental issues that will require proper orthodontic treatment. Most dental problems begin as early as age seven due to inadequate dental health care or food habits.

However, this does not imply that everyone will require painful or embarrassing dental treatment. By bringing your kids to a reliable orthodontist based in Weddington, you can quickly go for Invisalign Weddington NC, for that perfect smile.

Weddington is a small town. As of 2021, the population was 13,488. It is a comfortable place to reside with crime rates lower than the national average and an intimate community setting. In Weddington, 97.8% of the population has health coverage. So finding dental clinics would not be a problem.

Signs that Your Teen Needs dental treatment

However, make sure that you have done relevant research about your local Invisalign and whether or not it is the best-suited option. In the case of teens, their baby teeth have already fallen off, and their permanent teeth are coming in, which means that their teeth are still in a delicate stage that needs to be treated well.

Orthodontic treatment in the US has significantly improved and it includes Weddington as well. So, the only way you can ensure that your teen gets the proper treatment for Invisalign in Weddington, NC, is by getting in touch with the right orthodontists.

Here are a few warning signs that can help you understand whether or not your kid might need an Invisalign.

Crooked or crowded teeth

Your child’s teeth can be poorly shaped for various reasons. The most common is if their permanent teeth came around when their milk teeth had not yet fallen out. Or if their jaws didn’t have room enough to fit their adult teeth. Crooked or crowded teeth condition is the most common reason for the Invisalign, a transparent tray form that acts as an alternative to metal braces. In fact, this professional dentist in Pasadena recommends Invisalign to their patients with mild cases of teeth misalignment.

Crowded teeth can cause lisp development and discomfort while chewing. Children with crowded or misaligned teeth may struggle to brush correctly and feel self-conscious while talking or smiling. Invisalign, in this case, can help them treat their smile.


Diastema is when a person has teeth gaps. They are a clear indication that you need Invisalign. Diastema can be problematic for teens, but they are treatable with Invisalign. Often the gaps close on their own when permanent teeth grow. But if they don’t, you can take your teen to a dentist and get it treated.

Overbite or Buck Teeth

An overbite or malocclusion is another term for buck teeth. It is a type of tooth misalignment that can vary in severity. Many people would rather live with buck teeth than cure them. To avoid premature tooth wear, you should treat your teen’s overbite condition by choosing Invisalign.


An underbite is the exact opposite of an overbite. In an underbite, the bottom teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth. Usually, it occurs when the bottom jaw overgrows, or the upper jaw undergrows. It is treated similarly to an overbite by aligning the teeth or jaw. So, if you think your teen has an underbite, it’s time for you to think about getting them Invisalign seriously.

Difficulty in chewing or biting

Misaligned teeth may significantly impact your teen’s ability to chew comfortably. If your teen has issues chewing their food or even talking due to their misaligned teeth, it’s time to get help from a good orthodontist in Weddington.

Jaw or mouth pain

Orthodontic issues may not always be visible to you. Sometimes, your child may have jaw or mouth pain due to poor structure. Often they may not even care much about the pain. However, it may get irritating and uncomfortable in the long run. Also, there could be some underlying issues if the jaw and mouth pain due to misaligned teeth is persistent. Hence, a trip to the dentist is a must.

Most children, especially in their teen years, are against braces. But remember, with Invisalign, no one will even know they are wearing something.

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