Massage Insights: Things Your Therapist Wants You To Know Beforehand

Massage is definitely a great way to remove all the stress and soothe your body. You might already know all its benefits; it improves blood circulation, relieves anxiety, improves sleep quality, and amps up immunity.

In addition to these, there are several other surprising benefits of massages. But, to make the most out of your session, it is essential that you think beyond the awkward or embarrassing moments that might occur in front of the therapist.

You must prepare yourself beforehand to enjoy every second of your massage session. That being said, here are some insights that can help you prepare.

So, let’s begin!

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Remember To Breathe

Focusing on your breathing is vital to calm your mind and relax your muscles. It is normal to get tensed up during the session, especially when the therapist applies pressure on a particular spot. In such a situation, many people hold their breath and clench their jaws to tolerate the discomfort. But, it is not right.

You MUST NOT do this. Instead of helping you relax, it will tighten your muscles. So, you might not get proper benefits from the session. On the contrary, you should take a deep breath. It will accelerate the blood supply in the tensed muscle, helping it relax.

Take A Warm Shower

The process of relaxation should begin even before the session. It is not every day that you book appointments for a spa day. Therefore, you must begin your day with happy thoughts and a nice warm shower.

Needless to say, a warm shower will provide you with a feeling of tranquility. Apart from this, it will also help relax your muscles which will prove to be very beneficial during the rubdown. When you are less tense, the impact of the session gets amplified.

Also, a shower before you step foot into the spa will help reduce any body insecurities that you may have. Plus, the therapist will also appreciate it (for obvious reasons).

Request Your Preferred Massage Style

You booked your appointment with high expectations from the session. However, after the session, you are feeling more like “Meh” instead of “Wow!.”

Well, therapists are well trained and can help ease your muscle tension. But, they can’t read your mind. To be more specific, it is easier to get disappointed when you expect people to work according to you. Therefore, a few people don’t get pleasant experiences. It’s not due to the session but is because of the expectations.

According to therapists at a Massage basingstoke clinic, it is better to suggest your massage preference while booking the appointment. Generally, the medspa or skin treatment clinics have different therapists for different massage types. For instance, aromatherapy, deep tissue, hot stone, and relaxation.

Providing your preference in advance will ensure that the right therapist is assigned to you. Thus, your expectations will meet reality, making your massage session incredible.

Bodily Functioning Are Absolutely Normal

Did you know that kneading also helps with digestion? It stimulates the movement of the intestine and helps prevent peristalsis. Plus, it helps remove toxins from the body, increasing the release of enzymes that improve digestion.

That’s the reason why if you hear grumbling noises or even flatulence during your rubdown, it is absolutely normal. Almost every person’s body reacts the same. So, you need not feel ashamed or embarrassed of it.

Even so, if you wish to avoid such a scenario, don’t eat any high-fiber foods before the session. Also, don’t drink too much water before the session and hit the bathroom.

Don’t Eat Before The Session

As massage stimulates digestion, it is recommended to avoid eating a full course meal before hitting the spa. However, it DOES NOT mean that you need to STARVE yourself. Instead, you can have a meal a few hours prior. Or, you should eat something light before the session.

Starving yourself can cause dizziness or make you lightheaded during the rubdown. On the other hand, eating something light beforehand will give your body energy and improve your experience.

Drink Lots Of Water

After your rubdown session, you might feel out of the world and at peace. But remember to drink plenty of water after. It is because your muscle tissues get dehydrated during the session. That’s why it is recommended to stay hydrated after the session. It will help in building healthy muscle tissues, removing metabolic waste, and rejuvenating other body parts.

Tip: You can also consider drinking juice, smoothie, or lemonade after the session. The purpose here is to keep your body hydrated.

Let The Therapist Know It Hurts

It’s alright to feel immense pain during the rubdown, right? NO! Experiencing mild pain in stretching or while working on tensed muscles is normal. But you’ll also get immense relaxation right after.

If your therapist is using too much pressure, the muscle will get tight, which will lead to more pain. And in the worst-case scenario, it can even damage the muscles. Therefore, you must tell your therapist if it hurts.

And don’t worry, they will not get offended. Rather it will help provide you with a better experience. They can make necessary changes in the massage to make you feel better.

Skip Coffee After The Session

Last but not least, if you are a coffee lover, a nice cup of coffee after a rejuvenating massage might seem like a fantastic idea. However, it is NOT! Consuming anything which contains caffeine will tense your muscles. That means your body won’t benefit to a great extent.

Therefore, it is recommended to skip coffee after the session. If you are feeling dehydrated, you can drink water or herbal tea instead. Also, remember to eat something healthy and nutritious to pamper your body.

To Sum It All Up!

All these are the inside scoops on how you can enjoy your massage session. So, make sure to prepare yourself beforehand. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, you must not shy away from asking. The more information you’ll provide to your therapist, the better results you’ll get in your session.

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