Looking to store CBD Oil? This Packaging Can Help

If statistics are to be believed, it is anticipated that the use of cannabidiol will grow to about 1.9 billion by the next year. As more discoveries are being made in the health care sector, researchers have come across its multiple uses. Including CBD oil in daily life has many benefits such as relieving pain, reducing anxiety and depression.

However, oils are susceptible to degradation, as they are very sensitive to temperature, light, and air. Since this oil has therapeutic and medicinal properties, it is vital to store it properly to retain its effectiveness.

CBD oil storage conditions

The right packaging for CBD oil

Like other food products, CBD oil also gets expired. Having said that, the right packaging can still extend its shelf life. The dropper bottles are the best alternative that protects them from heat, light, and moisture. Even the dispensaries prefer purchasing wholesale dropper bottles to keep them protected. These colored bottles help in keeping the product preserved against all the conditions that can result in the breakdown of both the cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD oil has the potential to stay fresh for 15-24 months if it is not exposed to extreme temperature conditions. To know about the best CBD oil storage conditions, keep reading.

Storing at the right temperature

Prolonged exposure to the heat can destroy the CBD products and result in the loss of their therapeutic properties. Therefore, it is very important to keep it away from heat. On the other hand, refrigerating the CBD oil can thicken it. The air and humidity in the freezer can decompose its components. Thus, storing it at the right temperature can preserve it longer.

Protection from the sunlight

According to research, exposure to direct sunlight can degrade the quality of the cannabinoid. This is the reason that they are usually stored in dark bottles to protect them from UV rays.

Atmospheric Exposure

Exposure to open air can breakdown the natural cannabinoids, if the conditions are not maintained. Research suggests that CBD oil has a t95 life cycle of about 1.77 days. It is noteworthy that oxidation breaks down the trichomes, subsequently altering their chemical and physical properties. This is why it becomes very important to seal these products in air-tight containers. It keeps the contents protected and maintains its effectiveness.

Getting the maximum benefit from CBD oil is not difficult. As already mentioned, proper storage and optimum conditions can help you do that. But, you need to have an idea about the materials that should be used for its packaging.

The researchers are still researching the health benefits of CBD oil. There are chances that more discoveries will be made in its therapeutic and medicinal properties. Also, a number of studies have confirmed that CBD has the capacity to provide the natural treatment to many health problems. The ones who are interested in buying them can try it. But, always remember that it should be properly packed to get the most out of the cannabinoids.

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