Improve Your Golf Performance With Physiotherapy

Do you spend a lot of time on the golf course? If so, you’ve probably dealt with a golf-related injury or frustration over not getting the improvement in your swing you’ve been looking for. When struggling with these issues in golf performance, few consider seeing a physiotherapist and how they can help them achieve their goals. Here’s how your physiotherapist can help you improve your golf performance:

Improve Your Golf Performance With Physiotherapy

Strengthening For A Better Swing

A golf swing is a much more complex movement than many realize, and it utilizes a lot of different muscle groups. In addition to strong muscles, the perfect swing relies on you having a fair amount of flexibility and coordination to allow you to perform the torsion your body has to do in order to perfect your swing.

Working with a physiotherapist, you will be able to focus on strengthening the muscles needed; pecs, lats, abs, glutes and forearms, as well as relieve muscle tension which can impede your movement. This work on strengthening, improving flexibility and coordination will allow you to be more aware of your movement and protect your core when you swing, helping to reduce the chances of injury and helping you to achieve your perfect swing.

Prevent Injuries

Whether you’re a pro or new to golf, no one is safe from injury – sometimes they just happen. While physiotherapists can’t keep you from ever injuring yourself on the golf course, they can help you learn to avoid the types of injuries that are often preventable.

This includes educating you on proper stretching techniques and how to be more aware of your posture and body, while also using manual techniques to relieve muscle tension and improve joint mobility to keep your body working like it should.

Being more aware of your movements and warming up before and after your rounds are two easy ways to prevent common golf injuries. Combined with your regular manual therapy appointments with your physiotherapist, massage therapist and/or chiropractor you’ll be on your way to an injury-free golf season!

Determine Your Unique Areas of Dysfunction

If you’re struggling to figure out why your golf performance isn’t where you want it to be, or you’re finding that you’re injuring yourself a lot, it may be helpful to see a physiotherapist like the ones at Versa Movement Collective for a full golf assessment.

A golf assessment by a physiotherapist will look at your overall mechanics as it pertains to your golf game. This includes gait, an assessment of your swing, etc. This will allow your physiotherapist to diagnose your unique areas of dysfunction so you can better address the specific issues that may be holding your back from achieving your peak golf performance.

Targeted Exercise

With the help of a golf assessment your physiotherapist will be able to provide you with a targeted exercise plan to help you address the areas of concern that were uncovered in your assessment as well as strengthen and work on the general muscle groups that are important to your golf game.

These exercises will often be performed alongside your physiotherapist at your appointments so they’re able to help you pay attention to proper form, and later for assessing how you’re progressing and adjusting the difficulty of your exercises as needed. You will also be asked to regularly perform the exercises at home for optimum results.

In addition to exercise regimes, your physiotherapist can provide you with a stretching routine to do before and after a golf game to ensure that your muscles are warmed up before you swing! Stretching can be just as important as strengthening when it comes to avoiding injury but you have to ensure that your stretches are targeting the areas you’ll be using most.


A lot goes into your golf performance, it’s not always the leisurely activity it seems to be. While not everyone wants to work on their golf performance so they can be the next great pro-golfer, working on your performance with a physiotherapist is beneficial for keeping your quick round with your friends injury free. So if you want to avoid missing out on any games this season, consider seeing a physiotherapist to help keep you in tip-top shape all season long.

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