How to Wear and Care for Your Back Brace?

Are you prescribed to wear a back brace? Your orthopedic doctor can prescribe it or a set of different conditions. Examples include the treatment of scoliosis, which is the curvature of the spine. They may also suggest it to help patients heal post-surgery. Or maybe you chose to get the lower back brace to give yourself lumbosacral support when lifting heavier boxes at work.

In all these cases, your back brace helps improve spinal health and reduce back pain issues in the future. The back brace is suitable for giving non-invasive solutions to painful spinal problems for most patients. If your doctor has suggested you wear a back brace, you might be thinking about how it can help you with your condition. It takes a bit to wear this back brace, but you will soon become a regular.

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It assists you in maintaining your positive attitude towards life, and remember that wearing back braces is to help you enjoy your long comfortable life again. It is to support your process of recovery and help you in your everyday little things.

How To Wear A Back Brace?

Your doctor will most probably instruct you on how you can wear a back brace. You must wear the brace correctly so that it gives its most beneficial to you. A few braces, like those used for fractures, may need to be worn during the day and at night. It is mostly best to take the brace off for short periods to relax or bathe and let the skin breathe for a while.

Many people do well with their back brace but may initially feel uncomfortable.

Your doctor may suggest you wear your back brace with fixed schedules until you are used to how it sits on your body and makes you feel. A child with scoliosis may wear a brace for just two hours a day and, after some days, like a week or two, may wear it for the full prescribed time.

Here Are Some Tips You Can Follow:

1. Wear A Shirt Under Your Brace

Wearing a shirt with your brace will avoid skin irritation. It would help if you chose a shirt that is tight fitting, clean, doesn’t have seems, is pure cotton, and extends to the length of your brace. Make sure you get all of the wrinkles out when you are wearing the brace over it.

2. Keep The Skin Clean

Back braces are made to fit tightly on your skin, and it is normal to see some red areas where braces apply pressure. But ensuring that your skin is clean will keep blisters away, and you won’t have raw skin under the back brace. Wash your skin that falls under the brace daily to wash off any dirt buildup. You can use baby wipes to ensure your skin is perfectly clean after different activities.

3. Apply Some Rubbing Alcohol

Your skin will get tricky when you are wearing the brace. Rubbing alcohol can help toughen the skin and keep skin breakdown away, protecting the skin from severe irritation. All you have to do is apply some rubbing alcohol using your hands on the skin where the back brace touches.

Bottom Line

These tips for care for your back brace that you can use to start wearing a back brace. Make sure you don’t apply lotions or anything that will cause moisture under the brace. You can get your first high-quality brace from WorldBrace.

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