How To Know If It’s Time To Replace Your Veneers

One of the ways to overcome a dental imperfection is having cosmetic fixes. In this case, veneers are the perfect choices to guarantee your sparkling smile.

Most of the time, patients wear these porcelain materials for decades without any issues. While that is what’s expected, they might not last long. Veneer qualities differ with manufacturers, and this affects their durability. The manner of use as well is crucial to keep them whole. If you fail to keep up with your oral hygiene regimen, you might need to change them sooner.

Let’s look at the signs of bad veneers.

your veneers

1. Changes in their colors

You might confuse the darker hue of your veneers for their discoloration. In reality, it’s the dental cement used to attach them to your gums that are losing their coats. When this happens, the darkness reflects through your veneers to make your teeth look black.

Since there isn’t a way to revert it, you’ll  need your dentist five dock to apply a new adhesive. Moreover, ensure they’re well placed to make your veneers fit correctly.

2. Gap appears between your gums and the veneers

Inadequate oral care for a prolonged time can cause your gum to recede. This will eventually create a space between the veneers and the gums. The gap is often a cavity with possible discoloration due to bacterial action. You must change them and fill the hole to return your teeth to proper health.

3. They are stained

The nature of the substances you consume will cause your veneers to become tainted. Even though porcelain is stain-resistant, this isn’t always the case with particular meals. According to findings, tobacco denatures the chemical composition of an artificial tooth, leading to discoloration.

Sadly, teeth whitening isn’t practicable when it occurs. Abstinence from food items with colorants is the only remedy to keep them shining.

4. They are cracked, scratched, or chipped

Veneers are prone to cracks, scratches, and chips. This is often due to rough tooth usage. For example, chewing tough objects and using abrasive products for teeth cleaning. When the damage becomes visible, it leaves you with no option but to change them entirely.

5. They have rough edges

Since veneers aren’t natural teeth, some long-time activities predispose them to wear. You’ll notice some rough portions around their corners, which will look worn down because of the damage. Get new ones immediately to prevent them from disfiguring your dentition.

6. They feel uncomfortable

Veneers that aren’t suitable matches for your teeth cause talking and eating discomforts. The fault can be from your dentist during the application. Usually, that is because they didn’t consider factors like bites and the extent of enamel removal. One of the implications includes the TMJ syndrome, which causes neck and back pains, headaches, etc.

Although veneers are tough cosmetics, this doesn’t mean they can’t get destroyed or tainted. If you spot any of these signs with your teeth aesthetic, you need a different set. Visit a reputable dental clinic today to remove them and get new ones. To help you narrow down your search, you can reach out to this clinic that provides veneers, bridges, and dental implants Las Vegas.

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