How Sports Physiotherapy Is The Perfect Treatment For Body And Mind

Playing each week for your local football team, you consider yourself to be in decent health although you do get an occasional twinge in your lower back. You think that the niggle might be because you forgot to warm up and do the stretching exercises that you remind yourself of when you recall the game while daydreaming at work.

Sports Physiotherapy

Then, during the next match, you realise that you are not running at your normal maximum speed, even though there is no increase in pain. It affects your performance with the coach substituting you after noticing. This affects your mood when it comes to socialising after the game. One of your close mates realises something is wrong, so when you tell him about your back, he advises you to go for sports physiotherapy.

Most people head for massage and physiotherapy to alleviate pain and to recover from injury, where a qualified professional will ensure that the time that you are missing from action is reduced. The treatment can help an improved sleeping pattern which leads to easier resting as the ailments gradually go away.

Lactic acids are released through treatment which helps the supply of blood around the injured area, while relaxed muscles allow the heart to function properly, with massaging activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls blood pressure and heart rate. All of which increases relaxation and stress relief, which cannot be underestimated. Tips to help you lose weight and keep it off will also be beneficial.

It’s a known fact that nobody performs at their best, be it in sport or everyday living, while suffering from stress and feeling under pressure. Massage and physiotherapy will improve mental health and lead to a happier, more successful existence.

It might be that your injury requires such treatment as high power laser therapy or shockwave therapy for all types of sporting injuries and chronic conditions. The best modern physiotherapists will be able to offer those remedies. Once the muscles are relaxed the physio will gradually extend the range of the injured area, moving it with the correct speed and direction to ensure a full recovery and prevent the chances of the same injury reoccurring.

Many sports participants may not realise it at the time, but exercise can cause micro tears in your muscles, which sometimes reveal themselves as aches and pains in the days afterwards, like your lower back pain that you have endured. Massaging decreases the chances of those niggles becoming injuries and aids a full recovery as the blood starts to flow freely again. Perhaps joining one of Bangkok’s top 10 gyms might help fitness.

The best physiotherapists with years of experience make sure you have a full recovery while offering an exercise plan to help your fitness in the future. The treatment will make you happy, meaning a fit mind as well as body.

Making an appointment with a top sports physiotherapist will keep your body in peak condition, to give you maximum opportunity to perform at your highest level.

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