How Rehab Prepares You for Real-World Triggers

Congratulations on your decision to either begin or continue your recovery journey. If you’re someone who struggles with addiction, it’s important to understand how rehab can help you to learn tools that will prepare you to deal with real-life triggers and more. Your interest in living a healthier life as the best version of yourself is already a great step toward long-term success. To find out how rehab could help even more, read on.

What do rehab programs offer in general?

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The short answer is hope. Not all rehab programs are the same, and different rehabilitation centers have different ways of helping clients work through their addictions. Some offer structured treatment plans built by clinicians for clients suffering from substance abuse addictions. Others have client-driven treatment options, with a combination of group therapy and individual treatment.

The same applies to the therapeutic modalities used in treatment. These can vary and so, too, can facilities. For example, someone looking for a luxury place to recover from a substance abuse, Hope House in Arizona could be a great option. A simple online visit to thehopehouse.com will show you just how homey and comfortable a recovery center can be.

Regardless of the rehabilitation center you choose, all offer help with mental health problems that could be contributing to your substance abuse, trust, dual-axis diagnosis issues, and more. At any addiction treatment facility, you’ll receive treatment and tools from a combination of addiction treatment specialists, masters-level clinicians, psychologists, and more. You’ll come out with tools to identify triggers and with a plan to make positive changes after treatment, too.

How can rehab staff prepare me to handle triggers?

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If you’ve ever had a family member in Hospice, you’ve likely heard about tips on preparing for the death of a loved one. Medical staff and social workers offer these tips to prepare families to handle the early stages of grieving. In a recovery center, therapists and trained clinicians will offer tips on how to identify triggers. Once you’ve learned your triggers, they’ll offer you tools on ways to avoid or handle them after rehabilitation.

Many people who struggle with substance abuse have a friend or family member who uses substances on a regular basis. Something as simple as exposure to a drug of choice can be a temptation for someone fresh out of recovery. Therapists can work with you to maintain long-term sobriety, in spite of challenging environments and relationships in your life.

What will happen when I get out?

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Before leaving your recovery center, clinicians will help you come up with a plan for life outside live-in treatment. From little details like having a Voss Water bottle on hand when tempted to drink to bigger things like arranging for living situation changes, social workers and other recovery staff will be able to help you with tips and tricks for getting your life back on track post treatment.

How you manage your recovery after treatment will be up to you. You’ll be armed with resources like support groups, a therapist, and an identified support team, as well as a solid plan for career goals and ways to stay clean. While having graduated from rehabilitation therapy won’t mean you’ll never have bad days, it will certainly be a great start to a new life of sobriety.

At the end of the day, whether you’ve been to rehab in the past or are considering it for the first time, rehabilitation programs can be a great way to empower yourself, learn new skills, learn to identify triggers, and gain healthy resources. If you struggle with addiction and want help making positive change in your life, reach out for help. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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