How Much Does a Surrogate Get Paid in Cyprus? Everything You Wanted to Know About It

In the last months of pregnancy, the expectant mother and the unborn baby are very sensitive to various kinds of infections, environmental and technological stresses. Therefore, many women want to give birth in a more favorable atmosphere. Countries with a mild climate and a large number of sunny days a year are perfect for this. Cyprus is rightfully considered one of the most comfortable countries for pregnant women and newborn children. The magical Mediterranean air, year-round solar activity, excellent cuisine, and a positive natural background are a great bonus for those who wish to have a baby here. The WorldCenterOfBaby.com surrogacy in Cyprus is at your service. But what is the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus?

Services of Surrogacy Agency Surrogate payment

Surrogacy in Cyprus becomes possible thanks to the development of a method of in vitro fertilization. Initially, everything happens in the same way as in the IVF process. So, a woman’s egg is taken, fertilizing “in vitro” with her husband’s material. But the resulting embryo is implanted into another woman who will carry the child for the parents in the genetic sense. There is nothing difficult in synchronizing biological processes in the bodies of two women. But a surrogate mother must be healthy and preferably under 35 years of age.

When resorting to the services of a Surrogate Mother in Cyprus, biological parents must clearly understand how much they have to pay. In addition to medical expenses, don’t forget that a surrogate mother takes risks for her health. Even if pregnancy and childbirth pass without complications, the female body spends enormous resources on bearing and giving birth to a baby. That is why the services of a surrogate mother are so highly valued. In exchange for a certain amount of money, she gives not only the baby but also her health.

After the birth of the child, the surrogate mother receives money. The amount is stipulated in the contract concluded at the stage of pregnancy planning. This cost is not limited in any way at the legislative level. However, there is a noticeable trend: some women agree to become surrogate mothers for a lower price due to some personal reasons (for example, they urgently need money). That is, the price of surrogacy also depends on the choice of the future mother.

Who Can Use the Services of Surrogacy Agency in Cyprus?

Types of surrogate motherhood:

    • Traditional surrogacy. This procedure consists of artificial insemination of a woman who has agreed to become a surrogate mother with the sperm of the future father. That is, in this case, the surrogate mother is also the genetic mother of the baby. In Cyprus (and in most countries), such services are not legally permitted.
    • Gestational surrogacy. This procedure began to be resorted to after the successful development of IVF technologies. The peculiarity of this type of surrogacy is that an embryo obtained in laboratory conditions is placed in the surrogate mother’s uterus. And the surrogate mother is not the biological mother of the child. For fertility, the cells of a couple who turned to a medical institution for help are used. A woman who agreed to bear a baby for such parents has no legal rights to it, as well as a genetic relationship with this child.

According to a forum and surrogacy laws in Cyprus, any couple can use the services of a surrogacy mother of World Center of Baby. Gestational surrogacy and IVF are a highly effective fertility treatment that can help:

    • Women who have difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term;
    • Women with no uterus from birth;
    • Women who have undergone hysterectomy;
    • Women who have failed with conventional IVF;
    • Women who take medications that are unsafe for pregnancy;
    • Single men who want to be fathers;
    • Lesbian/gay couples who want to start a family.

How Much Does It Cost?

The best clinic World Center of Baby provides all the services for surrogate mothers and future parents in Cyprus in accordance with the law. For such a noble action as participation in the surrogacy program, decent compensation is paid — up to $30.000. In addition, the program provides payments to the surrogate mother to support the pregnancy every month.

Moreover, the World Center of Baby agency will even take care of such things as travel to the clinic and back. And the biological parents of the unborn baby should pay for a surrogate mother’s accommodation provided with everything she needs for the period of the program. And, of course, the program includes supervision by professional doctors for the entire duration of pregnancy. This means the full support of doctors 24/7.

Be prepared for the fact that the price will increase slightly in case the surrogate mother doesn’t get pregnant on the first try. This adds additional costs both for the maintenance of the surrogate mother, the medical cost for the new embryo transfer, and her next medical examination before the embryo transfer.

Sometimes infertile couples may use the services of a surrogate mother free of charge. A relative of one of the future parents or even a close friend can agree to bear and give birth to a child. Of course, there will still be certain costs. You will have to pay for procedures such as:

    • Stimulating the ovaries;
    • Puncture of follicles;
    • Semen analysis;
    • Fertilization in the laboratory;
    • Medical examination of the surrogate mother.

It will also be necessary to pay for the pills recommended by the doctors for the pregnant woman and her accommodation. With a future surrogate mother, you must conclude an agreement, which indicates that she provides her services free of charge. If the woman is married, the written consent of the spouse will be required as well.

If you decide to use the services of a surrogate mother, remember that the contract must contain certain guarantees for genetic parents as well. It is advisable that the contract with the clinic includes a clause on compensation for your expenses in case of failure (for example, termination of pregnancy). In addition, genetic parents have the right to compensation from a surrogate mother if she violates any conditions (eats junk food, smokes, doesn’t come to the doctor on time, etc.).

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