Five Body Care Tips for the At-Home Revolution

According to Global Workplace Analytics, up to 25-30% of the population will work remotely by the end of 2021. Whether or not these positions are still available for employees in the coming years remains to be seen—but it’s clear employees would prefer the option. This can lead to more than a few kinks in the neck and back, as well as other complications from a sedentary lifestyle. However, spearheading body care from a home office is convenient and allows for creativity. Ready to overhaul your at-home work routine? Follow these five tips.

A study from Becker Friedman Institute found that 30% of its interviewees thought they worked more productively from home. One element related to their success is creating workplace practices in the home office. For many, this is about a quality desk in an area with natural light.

Five Body Care Tips for the At-Home Revolution

Aside from scheduling and an overwhelming amount of Zoom calls, one issue remote workers need to tackle is physical wellness. Most company offices benefit from quality furniture, which makes it easy to work ergonomically. At-home workplaces aren’t often quite as glamorous; workers face long hours hunched over a laptop on a mismatched table-and-chair set.

 Yoga Mini-Breaks

Those stuck staring at a screen all day will have one main priority on their wellness list: posture. Lucky for those switching to an at-home office, other homebody professionals have already figured out how to sit ergonomically for long stretches.

For example, poker pros might spend almost a full day at a live table or playing online from home. As such, many of them rely on quick yoga stretches to keep their bodies and minds fit for long periods of concentration. Not only does this protect spine, back, and neck health, but it also invigorates the mind. Whether new or seasoned on the mat, YouTube has countless five-minute yoga tutorials that will help you to re-align yourself.

Alternative Seating

Many workers have cobbled their home office together from available pieces around the home… and then made it work. Remote workers in long-term positions will benefit greatly from revamping their arrangements. Those with budgetary concerns can start with a chair, as this is often one of the simplest cures.

A stool will do wonders in aiding spine and neck health, as it forces the worker to keep their back straight and not rest against the chair’s back. Stools are also adjustable, so they’ll fit with most tables. Keep in mind that a monitor should always be at eye level. You do need to take care of your eyes.

Five Body Care Tips for the At-Home Revolution


Drink Water

There’s no body care tip that’s as overlooked as hydration. Typically, employees build workplace routines that revolve around lunchtime and drink breaks, whether that’s coffee, juice, or water. These most often fall by the wayside when working from home—except the coffee, of course.

Make sure to drink a glass of water for every cup of coffee. Those who don’t drink coffee are ahead of the game, but doctors still recommend adults drink up to 11 cups of water a day. One easy trick to stay hydrated is to use the same cup every day to measure the volume of consumption.

 Worktime Optimization

Not everyone will be able to optimize their work schedule with their body’s natural rhythm, as some schedules have early or late meetings. But for those with more flexibility, working from home offers the chance to change working hours for those who concentrate better at night or in the mornings.

The standard nine-to-five job requires night owls to defy their body’s circadian rhythm, but remote work lets them tailor their tasks. By following the body’s natural sleep patterns, at-home workers can optimize their levels of concentration while on the clock, leading to higher and more accurate outputs.

Blue Light Glasses

In recent years, the popularity of blue light glasses has had many workers reconsidering their eye health. Artificial blue light is used on smartphone and computer screens and has been implicated in certain health studies regarding eye health and sleep patterns.

This has led many to purchase glasses that filter out blue light. Those who spend hour after hour before a screen can find affordable solutions online and at some pharmacies. This is especially relevant for those with ocular concerns, migraines, and difficulty sleeping.

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