Five Best Ways to Manage a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Our professional priorities, a will to succeed at work, and building a career often take precedence over all other things in our lives. While it is perfectly fine to pursue your career diligently, it is equally important to strike a perfect work-life balance for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Work-life balance is a state of equilibrium where a person can give an equal amount of time, energy, and effort to his profession as well as personal commitments. It brings a lot of positives in a person’s life, including reduced stress, less burnout, a greater sense of belonging and purpose, and satisfactory living space.

work-life balance
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But in this demanding world where workplaces are increasingly becoming intrusive, especially in the era of work from home, how do you strike that work-life balance? Here are a few tips that will help you:

1 Be realistic in your approach to create that balance

The most ideal situation that most of us crave is having an extremely productive day at work and then leaving early from the office to spend the rest of the day with our friends and family. But that doesn’t happen so often. A perfect work-life balance occurs over a period of time, not daily.

There will be days when you will work hard for long hours, but it should be countered with taking time to pursue your hobbies and enjoying some family time.

It’s about being able to prioritize things in a broader sense. This means you should be able to take time out for your family whenever they need you while fulfilling your commitments in the office.

2 Set strict work and private life boundaries

It is important to keep the two parts of your life separate. Set clear boundaries about when and how much time you will dedicate towards your professional commitments, and switch that mode off when it is family time.

It is a lot easier for those working from their offices, as you return home once the office hours are over. But it can be more challenging in the WFH situation. This is where you need to be stricter with your schedules. Have proper working hours avoid attending office calls and emails outside of those hours. One of the most efficient ways to make this work is by subtly letting your colleagues and managers know about it.

3 Give yourself some time too

Having a work-life balance doesn’t only mean office and family time. It also means having a space for yourself. It has been seen that people who take time out for themselves are able to better manage their professional and personal lives. The logic is simple. A happier you is a better you.

When you spare time for yourself, it sorts many things in your mind and re-energizes you to give your 100 per cent to both spheres of life.

Indulge in some physical activity, travel, pursue a hobby, meet up with friends, or spend some time alone doing nothing. These things will bring a lot of positivity to life.

4 Bring back romance and excitement in life

One of the most important aspects of having the right work-life balance is to re-connect with your partner. Having an enjoyable, warm, and exciting romantic relationship adds more depth and meaning to your personal life. Be it with your girlfriend or your spouse, keeping things fresh and alive is important.

Go to your regular date nights, take short, romantic trips, and take time out for doing things together that you both enjoy.

Also, re-ignite the fire in the bedroom. Healthy sex life is one of the pillars of a strong relationship. Try new things in bed such as, add new elements like sex toys to your sex routine, indulge in role-play, visit chastity stores or enact each other’s fantasies. By doing these things, you will open a whole new sexual pleasure trove and create a stronger, more solid bond with your partner. The happiness this brings trickles down to everything else in your personal sphere.

5 Set long term goals for your personal & professional life

Setting clearly defined roles give more purpose and direction to your life. Be it your career or your family life, set clear goals of where you want to be down the line. This way, you can decide how much time and effort you need to dedicate to both spheres of life. Without goals, you will find yourself running purposelessly.

There is no doubt that there is a certain undeniable importance of work-life balance. How you create is a matter of clear thinking and strict implementation of the rules.

Having clear-cut boundaries between professional and personal life, finding time for yourself, spicing things up with your partner using sex toys or trying new things in bed, and setting up clearly defined future goals are some effective ways of creating that balance.

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