Earn Cash by Smoking Stash: Pioneering Cannabis Study Needs You

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, here’s an exciting opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research while indulging in your favorite pastime – and getting paid for it!

DaySavers, a leading pre-rolled cone and smoking accessories brand, has teamed up with the Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC) and the Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP) to launch an unprecedented study called “The Science of Smokeability” (SOS).

Revolutionizing the Cannabis Experience

Pioneering Cannabis Study

Photo By: DaySavers

The SOS study is a first-of-its-kind initiative that aims to explore the relationship between cultivation practices, post-harvest processing, and the overall smoking experience. For too long, the cannabis industry has focused primarily on maximizing yield and cannabinoid content, overlooking the crucial aspect of smokeability – the very essence of what makes a joint truly enjoyable.

Putting Smokers in the Spotlight

Through this groundbreaking research, DaySavers, CRC, and NAP are determined to revolutionize the cannabis industry by providing actionable insights that link cultivation and manufacturing practices to consumer experiences. The study promises to contribute significantly to the evolution of the industry by improving product quality, consistency, and promoting sustainability and profitability.

But here’s the best part: the researchers are offering to pay 200 randomly selected individuals a cool $4.20 each to smoke pre-rolls and provide qualitative feedback.

While the 200 paid participants will play a crucial role, the study also welcomes broader participation through various surveys throughout the research process. This inclusive approach ensures that the findings reflect the diverse perspectives and experiences of the cannabis community.

If you’re one of the lucky ones chosen, you’ll receive two free pre-rolls and be asked to complete a survey comparing the two joints. It’s a smoker’s dream come true – getting paid to puff and share your thoughts!

The Science Behind the Smoke

Pioneering Cannabis Study
Cannabis research

Photo By: DaySavers

The study will investigate various factors that could impact the smoking experience, including mineral content, nutrient content (flushing), nitrosamines (potential carcinogens), moisture levels, and their overall effect on ash color, smoke composition, and smoke quality.

The experiment will also include tests aimed at analyzing infused pre-rolls, an emerging pre-roll category that has grown in popularity in recent years. The researchers will test different infusion methods to analyze which ones burn the hottest as well as which ones convey the most cannabinoids and terpenes.

By evaluating these variables, the researchers aim to optimize cultivation metrics, saving time, money, and resources while enhancing product quality.

Leading the charge are renowned researchers Dr. Allison Justice and Dr. Markus Roggen, who made waves in 2021 with their groundbreaking work on the color change of ash in cannabis smoking. Joining them are experts from Controlled Chemistry, specialists in cannabis smoke and inhalation studies, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Shaping the Future of Cannabis

Pioneering Cannabis Study

Photo By: DaySavers

The first phase of findings is expected to be published in the coming months, shedding light on how to optimize cultivation metrics and enhance product quality. The study’s findings will also be shared with ASTM Cannabis, an organization that establishes widely recognized industry standards, providing regulators with a solid basis for informed cannabis policy decisions.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, collaborative efforts like the SOS study are crucial in promoting quality, consistency, and responsible practices. By bridging the gap between academia, industry, and the community, initiatives like this have the potential to shape the future of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and consumption.

Roll Up and Sign Up

So, if you’re a cannabis enthusiast who values quality and wants to contribute to groundbreaking research, sign up for the SOS study today! Not only will you have the chance to get paid for smoking, but you’ll also play a pivotal role in advancing the understanding of smokeability and paving the way for a safer, more enjoyable, and sustainable cannabis industry.