Drink Coffee Without Breaking Your Diet. Here’s How

Can you drink coffee while fasting? Who doesn’t enjoy coffee? It is one of the most frequently asked questions about intermittent fasting.

Most people diet for age, bowel rest, or weight loss/metabolic health. Most people think and realize that this is your fasted body on coffee, not so different from dieting, so they drink coffee. We all want to drink a good cup of coffee and see the effects of intermittent fasting.

This post will help to tell you that you can drink coffee without breaking your diet.

drink coffee during fasting


How to Drink Coffee on Dieting

When you fast, you can drink up to 3-5 cups of coffee per day in moderation. In other words, drinking coffee will not cause you to enter or leave a state of ketosis or fat burning. It is often true as long as you are healthy, have never been diagnosed with diabetes, and have a fast metabolism for coffee (there are gene variants that cause the body to metabolize coffee less efficiently).

Benefits of Drinking Coffee on Dieting

Unexpectedly, coffee can enhance many of the benefits of fasting.

These include improved cognitive performance and reduced heart disease, blood sugar, and inflammation.

Develop Metabolic Benefits

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many diseases. But, according to research, coffee consumption and dieting can help reduce inflammation.

According to some studies, drinking more coffee may make you less likely to develop metabolic syndrome, a disease characterized by high blood pressure, excess body fat, high cholesterol, and elevated blood sugar levels.

Studies have also linked coffee consumption to a lower incidence of type 2 diabetes. Additionally, drinking up to three cups (710 ml) of coffee per day is associated with a 19% lower risk of dying from heart disease.

Benefits Brain Health

Dieting helps to improve brain function and prevent age-related neurological diseases is one of the main reasons for its popularity. It is interesting to note that coffee shares and enhances many of these benefits. Regular coffee drinking is linked to a lower risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, just like intermittent fasting.

When dieting, your body makes ketones, which are linked to better brain function by using fat as energy. Early studies suggest that the caffeine in coffee may also stimulate the synthesis of ketone bodies. Therefore, adding small amounts of coffee to your dieting plan can be beneficial.

Things to Remember to Drink Coffee While Dieting

Coffee consumption during dieting is ultimately a matter of personal taste. You don’t have to start drinking coffee if you already dislike it. A diet containing many healthy foods can provide you with many health benefits. But if a hot cup of coffee breaks your diet a little, there is no need to give it up. Just be careful to use it in moderation and stay away from unnecessary extras.


During dieting, you can consume a small amount of black coffee as it contains very few calories and does not break your fast. In addition, coffee may enhance the health benefits, such as reduced inflammation and improved cognitive performance. However, you want to avoid adding too many calories. Since excessive consumption can be harmful to your health, it is also advisable to monitor your diet.

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