Best Abs Workout Tips for Women

Regular physical exercise is a very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, especially for people who spend most of their time working from their chairs for prolonged periods of time. Human body is built for activity, so missing to give it appropriate workouts can affect your bones and muscles, and even leave a mark on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Time spent in pandemic-induced quarantine was all but helpful for people who struggle with getting enough physical exercise. Many of us prefer to work out in gyms or parks, and our living spaces fail to motivate us to create corners dedicated to daily exercise routines alone.

The realization that the time has come to get your belly in ship-shape often comes after prolonged periods of sitting. However, as with every other type of exercise, knowing the proper ways to do this is key. Here is all that any woman ever wanted to know about abs workout so you can get the most out of your exercise.

Best Abs Workout Tips for Women
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Getting the Abs of Your Dreams: Is there Only One Way?

Although some women tend to stick to only one type of exercise when it comes to working to reduce belly fat, it’s not the best practice out there. Who wants to have just their midsection sculpted, while the rest of their muscles take a vacation? The better alternative is to diversify, which means including several different workout routines to get the optimal results, while also engaging the rest of your body in the process.

No success comes overnight, just as with many other things in life: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and even instant assignment help providers needed time and dedication to master their craft. Just like that, when it comes to abs workout, the most important thing is to start moderately and not push your body too hard, so you can avoid unnecessary strains and even possible injuries. Getting the abs of your dreams is a marathon, rather than a sprint.

The Optimal Exercise Routines For Burning Belly Fat

Here is a list of highly effective workout types that will help you tone your body and strengthen your abs even if you have no special gym equipment. These exercises can easily be done at home: All you need is a yoga mat, and you’re good to go!


Warming up: Start with a Series of Crunches

Lie down on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the workout mat, then put your hands on the sides of your head. Raise your upper body up to an angle of approximately 30°, exhale, then take a deep breath and return to the starting position. If you can manage it, repeat this exercise two or three times, in sets of 10 crunches.

Take it Up a Notch with a Series of Sit-ups

Start with the same position you were in when doing crunches: Lying on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the mat. Instead of putting your hands on the sides of your head, place them crossed on your chest.

Erect your upper body into a sitting position, exhale, take a deep breath and lie back on the mat. As for the exercise repetition, follow the pattern on the previous exercise.

Best Abs Workout Tips for Women
Source: Pintrest

Stepping up: Make a Plank

This exercise is great for strengthening your abs, as well as muscles in your arms and legs. It often feels effortless in the few initial seconds, but if you hold it for at least ten, you’ll soon start to feel the burn.

Kneel down on the mat and put the palms of your hands in front of you. Your palms should be flat and your arms perfectly straight. Bend your arms and place your elbows and forearms on the mat, extending your legs behind you and keeping them straight while flexing your toes.

Hold this pose for at least 10 seconds (or more, if you can) and focus on your shoulders, core, and quads. Release and repeat up to three times.

Burn Body Fat With Bicycle Crunches

Best Abs Workout Tips for Women
Source: Pintrest.com

Starting from a position for crunches, raise the upper body up at an angle of approximately 45°, exhale, and twist to the left side. Bring your left knee close to the chest and try to touch it with your right elbow. Then turn your upper body to the right, bringing the right knee towards your chest.

Mountain Climbers Will Get You Racing

Top essay writing services author Clair Higgins suggests ending with a cycle of mountain climbers to make your entire body sweat before stretching out. Starting from a plank pose, bend your right knee and bring it close to your chest, then place it back and repeat the same motion with your left leg.

Dedication is Key

Creating a regular workout routine is rarely quick and painless, so give it some time and don’t feel bad if you don’t stick to every goal you set at the beginning of the process. Every habit takes time, and you should allow yourself some.

Remember that regular workout is key, so if you can’t commit to doing 50 repetitions at the time, don’t torture yourself. It’s better to do 10 of them each day than to manage to pull more, and then avoid your workout for days. There’s no need to rush things: In time, you are sure to get exactly where you want to be.

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