Baby Bathing Safety Tips Every New Parent Must Follow

Babies are delicate little creatures, and handling them can be a daunting task for inexperienced parents. Bathing is perhaps the most challenging, but it is an integral part of baby care. You may feel apprehensive about everything, right from undressing to handling the child’s fragile body and dressing the baby after the bath. Choosing the apt water temperature and bathing products requires good attention. Thankfully, the process is less tricky than it sounds. Just follow some safety essentials, and you can do it even as a new parent. Here are some helpful tips to guide you as a beginner.

baby bathing

Timing is crucial

The first time is often the scariest for a new parent, but you have to start somewhere. You can give a sponge to clean the little one initially. Wait for a tub bath until the umbilical cord falls off. Make sure you have the right accessories like a baby bathtub or seat. Pick a contoured design to prevent sliding. Alternatively, you can opt for one with an internal sling for safety.

Test the water temperature

Before placing the little one in the tub, test the water temperature first. You can do it by dipping your elbow into it. Ideally, it should feel warm and not too hot. Keep testing throughout the bath to ensure it stays optimal. Warm water works even in the summer months as the baby comes from a cozy environment inside the womb. Coldwater can cause discomfort.

Stick with mild products

Baby skin is sensitive, so you cannot use random products for bathing your little one. Stick with mild ones from a trusted brand. Even better, seek recommendations from your pediatrician or a seasoned parent. Besides picking the right soap, always use a tear free baby shampoo to avoid stinging. It makes sense to spend a little more on quality products because you will want the best for your bundle of joy.

Master the technique

Everything boils down to the right technique when it comes to bathing safety. You may feel shaky to start with, but a little attention and care can take you a long way. The right tub or seat gives you confidence, while you can get some tips from another parent. You may even watch YouTube videos to understand the technique. Cradle the baby and take it easy. Your parental instinct will guide you as you go.

Avoid overdoing it

Bathing safety is also about not overdoing it. Be careful about the frequency and duration of baths. You can skip a couple of days every week for a newborn. Clean the little one’s face, neck, hands, legs, and diaper area for no-bath days. Also, skip a scheduled bath if the weather is too cold. Let the baby guide you about the timing, as you can continue as long as he is happy and comfortable.

Bathing a baby safely is simpler than you think. You only need to follow these basics, relax, and trust your skills. Wait until the little one develops a habit, and it will probably become their favorite time of the day.

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