A Parent’s Guide to Hipp vs. Holle Baby Formula

Nothing can replace a mother’s milk and there are different situations in life when natural feeding is contraindicated for health reasons or some other reason. Then baby formula comes to the rescue, which modern manufacturers are trying to produce as close to mother’s milk as possible.

Holle Baby Formula

Varieties and specific characteristics of milk formula

Throughout the period of breastfeeding, the formula of the baby’s milk changes to the baby’s needs. The same applies to formulas. On the packaging, manufacturers indicate with a special marking to which age the food is assigned to the baby. For example, the number 1 means that the formula is suitable for children from 0 to 6 months of age. 2 means over 6 months of age, etc. The number 0 indicates that the product is specialized and produced for premature babies.

Most dry formulas are created based on cow’s milk, but it is poorly absorbed by the child’s body, so it undergoes special treatment. For example, European baby formulas are made based on organic milk of the best quality. Also, goat or cow’s milk is quite strongly adapted to the composition of breast milk. In this regard, we can distinguish the following types:

There are dry and liquid milk mixtures. In turn, they are divided into:

    1. As close as possible to the composition of mother’s milk. They are designed for children from birth and up to 6 months of life and are labeled “1”.
    2. Less close to the composition of mother’s milk. They are marked as “2” and are intended for babies from 6 months of age. The protein content of such mixes is dominated by casein. Some formulae for children from birth also belong to this group.
    3. Therapeutic – for children with special dietary needs (those prone to allergies, regurgitation, colic, stool disorders, etc.).

If the baby has problems with the digestive system or if there is an objection of the body to various components of cow’s milk, it is possible to use a milk mixture based on goat milk. Additionally, there is a nutrition therapeutic tone. It has a special composition, which is necessary for a sick baby.

Let’s compare the most popular baby food brands

The baby food market is dominated by a variety of baby formula brands. The most popular among them are Hipp and Holle formula.

Hipp is a bio-organic formula made in Germany, which does not contain dyes, flavors, preservatives, and sugar. An omega-3 fatty acid is added to baby food for good vision and brain development. It also helps to protect the baby’s immune system. In addition, manufacturers have tried to bring the milk protein in the formula as close as possible to the protein in breast milk. So it is easily absorbed by the growing body.

Holle is a German product with vitamins, prebiotics, minerals, and fatty acids. It is designed in such a way as to strengthen the immune system of the infant during the period of intensive growth. This is promoted by the presence of the mixture of live bifidobacteria intended to improve the microflora in the intestines of the child.

On forums, young mothers are actively discussing which baby formula is better: Hipp or Holle. Some of them argue that the second formula is better absorbed by the baby from birth. One of the advantages they call the fact that the presence of protein in it is as close as possible to natural breast milk. Other mothers share their experiences that the Holle baby formula, unlike Hipp, did not cause allergies in their baby and that their child no longer suffers from colic.

However, none of the parents came to a consensus. Experienced mothers, as well as pediatricians, advise that the selection of artificial baby formula should be made strictly individually. What is suitable for one baby, may not suit the other. Therefore it is necessary to be guided by the feelings, preferences, and well-being of each particular child. Choosing a mixture, it is desirable to observe the behavior of the child, to make appropriate conclusions.

Consequently, it is important to remember that you should never choose a formula for a newborn on your own, but always consult your pediatrician beforehand. Also, never pay attention to the popularity of the formula, because ratings are ratings, but each child is completely different. Only the mother knows and feels what is suitable for her baby. Our advice: Observe your baby and you will find out what he likes and suits him best, buy food exclusively from stores that specialize in it.

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