9 Self Care Steps to Practice Every Day for a Happier Mind and Body

Regardless of how busy you are, there are ways you can change your life for the better even if you are busy. Of course, you have to plan some extra time for these activities and be ready to change some of the habits you are attached to. However, change can be a good thing that will inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle, have a more positive attitude and develop happier mind and body.

More importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of time to redefine your life, but just to replace certain practices with the enhanced ones. So if you want to make this kind of improvement, here are self-care steps to practice every day for a happier mind and body.

self care mind and body

Start Your Morning with Meditation

Meditation is a perfect way to balance your mind before your day starts. Basically, five minutes of meditating every morning will relax you and help you clear your head. Also, when meditating, think about your positive sides and all the things you are thankful for. This will give you a boost to deal with even the most difficult days calmly and practically.

And for those extra stressful days, have a quick meditation at work, school or a big meeting. It will help you focus and give you confidence by eliminating negative feelings and anxiety. Of course, the key to proper meditation is in breathing so make sure you have that figured out as well for even better effects.

self care for mind and body

Hang out with Friends

Friends are those people in your life that serve as your support system in good and bad. And while phone calls and messages may dominate today’s social habits, meeting a friend face-to-face is still unparalleled. Choose one day a week to hang out with your friends for drinks, movies or even a walk since it will make you all feel good and fulfilled.

If there is a cherished friend you haven’t seen in a while, reconnect with them and resume your friendship. It’s normal for people to grow apart over time due to work, family or some other responsibilities. But it’s always nice to meet a dear friend and hash out memories and what has happened since you last saw each other.

Plan for Me-time

Caring about yourself is not selfish, but necessary. So, always find time for yourself no matter how busy you are or dedicated to other people in your life. Book a spa day only for yourself, get invisalign in raleigh, go on a trip or just spend a day visiting museums in your city.

No one will take care of your mind and body better than you do, so always find time to give yourself a break and pamper yourself. But having me-time also means that you are taking good care of your eating habits, exercise and have regular check-ups at your doctors. Go regularly to your dentist, hairdresser and even beautician since nurturing yourself inside and out is the key to a happier mind and body.

 self care tips change your diet

Change Your Diet

Changing a diet is easier than you may think. If you don’t have time for breakfast, make a smoothie or oatmeal you can have on your way to work. Look for recipes that don’t take more than half an hour to make and have your groceries delivered if you don’t have time for shopping instead of having takeout. Visit a farmer’s market once a week for fresh produce like organic vegetables and fruits, but also meat and fish. Opt for healthy ingredients like lentils and quinoa instead of white flour products and processed sugars to stay healthy and fit.

Learn to Sleep Well

Body and mind need to rest and they do that when we sleep. A good night’s sleep of seven to eight hours will regenerate cells and process memories so you can face the challenges of a new day. If you have trouble sleeping, try not using your phone or watching TV two hours before bed.

Additionally, chamomile or lavender tea may help or soothing sounds of nature, rain and pink noise. In the end, you can have melatonin supplements which are asleep hormone naturally produced in the body. Being well-rested will help you be more productive, improve your mood and boost your creativity.

self care steps spend less time online

Don’t Overspend Time Online

Being connected all the time is something people got used to and can hardly let go of even when it’s bad for them. However, disconnecting from the Internet for a while is not only good but relaxing and good for your body and mind. Firstly, you will have more time on your hands to go out and participate in a healthy activity like socializing with people in person or going camping. Also, you will stop being bombed with a myriad of information most of which you don’t even need to know or are not important.

And when you are online, choose what you want to see, read or do. For example, if you are into movies, choose one website instead of five to read reviews and interviews with filmmakers. The same applies to social media, which can be time-consuming and even cause depression, anxiety, and stress. So, stop constantly checking your news feed and use social media for a limited time like an hour or two.

Always Find Time for Physical Activity

Even the smallest time to spend exercising will make you feel better and more energized. Many people decide to install rubber tiles and create a home gym to save time and overcome discomfort to exercise in front of others. Yoga is also an excellent physical activity since it only needs a small space and a mat for practicing.

However, going outdoors to hike, run or ride a bicycle is also something you should include in your workout schedule. Nature has a calming effect on the mind and these activities are a perfect excuse to get away from the town for the weekend and relax. And if you have a problem with motivation, inspire yourself with good fitness clothes or find an exercise buddy to be your support system and keep you moving.

Try Journaling

Although journaling may seem like something a teenager would do, it’s actually quite therapeutic. The idea is to write down your thoughts without inhibition or shame, as well as to concentrate both on the good and bad sentiments. You can also write down your desires, worries, hopes and pleasant events that are occupying your mind or are otherwise important to you.

This will help you better understand yourself and help you see what you should work on or how to improve yourself. In order to write everything down, keep the journal close to you at all times or you can simply choose a certain time of day to make an entry. To purge and free yourself from troubling thoughts, it’s best to do it in the evenings so keep your journal by the bed.

 self care read one book a month

Read One Book a Month

Reading is something that requires time and sometimes that is hard to find. However, you don’t have to read a book every week – one book per month would be enough to relax you and help you escape the stress of the real world. The best approach to achieve this is if you read one chapter every day before sleep, in the bathtub or while you commute to work.

Start with something light that will keep you interested and not overflow you with emotions. You can even join a book club to encourage your new developed reading habit and meet fellow book lovers in the process.

Final Thoughts

It may be hard to adopt these self–care steps, but start with something small and then slowly introduce others. After a while, this will turn into an everyday practice that will give you a happier mind and body to face any challenge that might come your way.

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