7 Foods To Optimize Muscle Growth And Recovery

If you want to optimize muscle growth and recovery, then there are many types of foods that you can use for that purpose. However, training alone without proper nutrition does not fully help to optimize muscle growth and recovery. If you want to achieve muscle growth, eating healthy during and after work is as important as the training itself. Healthy foods promote quick recovery, builds muscle, reduces muscle soreness, and enhances the function of the immune system. It is advisable to eat within an hour of your training to maximize muscle growth and recovery. While nutrition is vital, the challenge comes when selecting what to consume. This article recommends foods to optimize muscle growth and recovery.

Best Food Choices for Muscle Growth and Recovery

7 Foods To Optimize Muscle Growth And Recovery

1. Whole Eggs

Consuming whole eggs can help boost muscle growth. Researchers asked body lifters to consume either a mixture of white eggs or three whole eggs. They then evaluated the rates of protein synthesis to understand what drives muscle gains. The findings of the research show that although both choices had the same quantity of protein, whole eggs had higher muscle-building properties compared to egg whites alone. The authors conclude that egg yolk contains valuable nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, vitamins, and fat that promotes the repair of worn muscles. Therefore, if you want to optimize muscle growth, learn how to cook whole eggs to maximize nutrition.

Foods To Optimize Muscle Growth And Recovery

2. Salmon

Research shows that consuming high quantities of omega-three from fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon can delay the occurrence of muscle soreness after exercise. As per this study, omega three helps in muscle recovery by reducing the damage that causes pain and inflammation. Similarly, separate research showed that fish products boost the body pathways that promote the synthesis of muscle protein. Fish is an excellent option to fuel your post-workout routine.

3. CBD Infused Products

CBD is one of the compounds found in the marijuana plant. Unlike the THC component, CBD doesn’t cause a high feeling regardless of the amount you consume. Due to its legality, even professional athletes are using CBD products in their daily routine. When taken orally, CBD helps to decrease inflammation in the muscles and as such, promotes quick recovery. It can help to manage joint inflammation after a heavy workout. As per one study, CBD contains anti-inflammatory components that can help to control swelling. Besides inflammation, consuming CBD infused foods can help to relieve pain resulting from muscle soreness and inflammation. CBD interacts with brain receptors to regulate pain and prevent the production of inflammatory substances. For muscle growth and recovery, you can use CBD edibles by taking them solely or combining with other foods. You can get quality CBD edibles from Ontario weed online and enjoy the benefits.

4. Citrus Fruits

Foods To Optimize Muscle Growth And Recovery

Citrus fruits such as oranges, strawberries, guavas, melons, and pepper have high vitamin C content. Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in the healing of blood vessels, scar tissues, and skin. The human body cannot make its own vitamin C, and this implies that you must consume sizeable quantities of these fruits to promote the recovery of tissues. Muscle growth and restoration rely on a sound immune system. Citrus fruits help to boost the immune system and absorption of iron, which in turn improves recovery. The deficiency of vitamin C is evident in muscle and joint pain and easy bruising. To prevent this, include citrus fruits in your diet while training.

Furthermore, a naturally occurring peptide BPC 157 in our gastric juice is important in repair and renewal of our body. This peptide plays a beneficial role in our tissue and muscle grow as well. You can find more benefits of this regenerative compound by reading a bpc-157 guide.

5. Berries

Berries help to manage aching muscles as well as trigger the production of sleep hormones to help you get a good rest and recover. They contain compounds such as vitamins, fiber, and anthocyanin, which play a vital role in speeding up the recovery period. You can take berries anytime while exercising or recovering. There are various ways to include berries in your exercise regime. For example, you can add them to your breakfast, meals or blend them in smoothies.

6. Carbohydrates

A combination of high carb foods like potatoes with fruits and grains can boost your immune from being weak after exercising. The goal is to select healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and cereals. Consuming other sources of carbohydrates may not lead to the accumulation of fat because the body will utilize the carbs as energy rather than storing them as fat. You can include carbs like sweet potato in your breakfast to optimize your muscle growth. Not all carbs are beneficial, and it is important to ensure you select the best carbs for muscle growth and recovery.

7. Tart Cherry Juice

It contains antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to recover from training. Findings from studies show that tart cherry juice can help athletes to recover as well as improve their exercise performance. It can also promote growth and recovery by helping them sleep better. Sufficient rest is vital while training as it allows the body to rejuvenate itself.


Training works well with proper nutrition. It is beneficial to have a nutrition strategy to complement your exercise and help boost muscle growth and recover. Some of the recommended foods are carbohydrates, cherry juice, berries, omega 3 products, and cannabis-infused food. If you prefer CBD edibles, you can even purchase cannabis seeds and begin a home garden.

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