6 Surprising Ways Your Phone Can Ruin Your Health

A smartphone is one of the most important technologies in the modern world. Your phone gives you access to unlimited amounts of information and knowledge. It allows you to stay in touch with family and friends even if you live in different countries. Smartphones give you a lot of benefits but they can negatively affect your well-being. By using your phone all the time you can put yourself at risk of physical and mental health problems.

Keep reading to discover the ways a smartphone can affect your health and the health of your loved ones.

Your Phone Can Ruin Your Health

1. Phone May Affect Child Development

The technological advances of the 21st century are challenging our brains. A new generation replaces physical playtime and human interaction with screen time. Regular exposure to excessive amounts of screen time may have long-lasting, detrimental effects on brain development.

If you have kids, try to limit their screen time. For proper physical and mental development, your children need to be physically active and communicate with other children.

2. Phone Can Worsen Your Relationships With Others

Smartphone use can interfere with your ability to interact with other people emotionally. It can trigger feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. By using your phone regularly, you can distract yourself from your loved ones and exacerbate communication issues. You isolate yourself from other people worsening your relationships. Try to limit your screen time. You can use apps that track screen time or take a break from your devices for 48 to 72 hours.

3. Phone Can Trigger “Text Neck” Syndrome

Phone can trigger a condition called “text neck”. This is a common problem for people who typically stick their neck forward and place their heads in front of their shoulders for texting. This position increases strain on the spine and shoulders. By being in this position regularly, you run the risk of muscle tension and herniated disc. If you experience “text neck” syndrome, stem cell therapy for shoulder and back pain can relieve symptoms.

Try to hold your phone at eye level, changing your position frequently, and varying the tilt of your head to reduce the impact on your neck and back.



4. Phone Can Trigger Depression And Anxiety

Cell phone use can negatively affect your mental health. Excessive smartphone use is linked to a greater risk of anxiety and depression. By using social media regularly, you increase your risk of dealing with unpleasant experiences or feelings. If you are prone to depression or have related symptoms, excessive smartphone use can aggravate your condition.

It is important to limit your interaction with a smartphone if you feel that it gives you more negative feelings rather than positive. Try to limit your screen time to 30 minutes a day or even less.

5. Phone Makes You Stressed

If you cannot live without your smartphone, you may be missing out on a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Content on your phone and the act of checking it regularly can increase cortisol levels into your body. Avoid checking your emails during non-working hours and weekends as it can put additional stress on you.

You need to set professional and personal boundaries. Try to limit your availability for work emails or texts to business hours.

Your Phone Can Ruin Your Health

6. Phone Impairs Your Ability To Sleep

Smartphones use, especially before bedtime can disrupt your sleep. The screen of your phone emits blue light. This light negatively impacts your circadian rhythms. Special cells behind your eyeballs pick up this light telling your brain that it’s morning. It can be hard for you to wake up or fall asleep. Blue light can also suppress your melatonin secretion. Melatonin is essential in maintaining a deep phase of sleep and restorative sleep.

Avoid using your smartphone two or three hours before bedtime. Instead, you can read a book or meditate. This will help you fall asleep and promote deeper sleep.

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