6 Reasons to Use Shoe Orthotics

90% of the global population has feet that are not completely perfect. And, our feet support us as we get about our daily life, so if your feet are not providing you with the right support, your entire body could be affected negatively. Some people have flat feet, while others have high arches or falling arches. If your feet need some additional support to get you through the day, there are many reasons to consider wearing orthotics. Here are some of the main reasons why wearing orthotics can be good for your feet.


Provide Cushioning

Providing a comfortable cushioning for the feet is one of the main reasons why orthotics are used. This cushioning is designed to absorb shock when you are running or walking. Cushioning your feet with orthotics will also reduce any unnecessary knee movement and lessen the risk of injury. Many athletes find that wearing orthotics helps them to perform at their best and prevent foot pain while aligning their body better.

Support Your Arches

If you have flat feet or a fallen arch, you may need custom orthotics to provide your arches with the right support. Orthotics created based on your unique foot structure are available from Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic to ensure that your foot remains aligned and that the flat foot is prevented from falling inward. Healthy Steps offer the highest-quality orthotic materials paired with the latest technology to provide the support that your feet need.

Reduce Pressure on Joints

When you wear orthotics, they will help to reduce shock, which in turn reduces the pressure on the joints. This can be particularly helpful for people who do not have much natural arch support, including people with flat feet. Wearing orthotics can be a simple and effective way to reduce the additional strain that this puts on the joints, and even reduce joint pain altogether.

Prevent Foot Problems

Orthotics create a soft barrier between your feet and your shoes. As a result, this can prevent many problems that might arise as a result of shoe friction and rubbing. This can be an ideal way to prevent nasty and painful calluses, corns, and even bunions from beginning to form on your feet.

Improve Foot Development

In children, wearing orthotics can be an ideal way to make sure that the bone structure of the feet has the best opportunity to develop naturally. Orthotics for children can be an ideal early intervention strategy for flat feet or fallen arches, to ensure that the foot develops as healthily as possible.

Move Faster

Last but not least, if you are dealing with a painful foot problem, orthotics can reduce the pain, discomfort and pressure on your joints, allowing you to move around faster and without any pain. Pain and discomfort will only slow you down, so with the right orthotics fitted, you can enjoy being out and about more.

Orthotics can be helpful for anybody, providing additional cushioning and support to your feet. They are especially useful if you have flat feet or fallen arches, to provide the right arch support and reduce pressure.

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