5 Effective Tips On How To Manage Your Drinking Or Give Up Alcohol

You should consult a qualified medical professional if you believe you have a drinking problem or are experiencing symptoms associated with alcohol dependence. You can get professional help on how to stop drinking and obtain the assistance you need from any of the different national alcohol support centers.

Keep in mind that things may not be as straightforward or easy as you might think, especially if you are a heavy drinker. Nevertheless, there is hope, and you can free yourself from the chains of alcoholism using the following tips and techniques.

Give Up Alcohol and drinking

1. Make Your Intentions Known

Share with your family and close friends about your desire to stop drinking alcohol, explaining your reasons. That way, they can become a part of your journey, sharing in your successes. They will understand why you want to turn things around for the better and do what they can to help you, starting with understanding why you turn down drinks or invites to the pubs.

Remind yourself time and again why you want to quit drinking, doing the same with the people close to you. It could be because you feel dependent or because you hope to lose weight, read this article from AI Weight Loss Diet and you will see how much alcohol affects your diet. Stay on track and do all you can to remain there; this might also encourage others in a similar situation not to give up.

2. Avoid Temptation

Your daily way of life creates habits, some of which are hard to drop. Hence, it is good to avoid those that encourage you to drink; they are the temptation you should dread. Taking such a stand could mean opting out of the daily or weekly visits to the pubs, avoiding restaurants that sell alcohol if you drink when eating out. Also, determine the times when you tend to want a drink and focus on something else.

If you always head to the bar or clubs after work on Fridays, you can change the routine and hit the cinema. Or your efforts to become better and healthier, you can see you take up weekly exercise classes, swimming on the weekends, or any other activity that helps you wind down.

Give Up drinking

Know your “trigger” – the things that tempt or cause you to desire to drink, especially if you feel tired of struggling to quick alcohol, and it is something you have dealt with in the past. Find out why you were unsuccessful. It could be that you still went to the pub occasionally, did not share or explain to your friends or partner why you turn down drinks, or alcohol was readily available within your surroundings, like at home.

3. One Step At A Time

While things might seem tough at the start, do not give up. It should be a process that sees you reduce your drinking gradually. Going “cold turkey” will not help. Cut down on your alcohol consumption, and you will find that it makes things easier. You will discover that it can be a healthier way of doing it and more comfortable to stick to, even to the point where you give up alcohol altogether.



Avoid complicating the process. If you drink every night, reduce this by designating a few days that you do not take alcohol. The same goes for your daily visits to the pub. Make this changes a habit, and it will help you battle temptations and motivate you to add more alcohol-free days into your schedule. According to the official alcohol unit guidance, the recommended amount of alcohol consumed weekly is about 14 units. Therefore, spread these out evenly over the week and consider reducing that number as much as you can.

4. Reward Your Progress

Acknowledge that make these lifestyle changes could or is difficult, but take note of your progress and reward yourself when you attain a set milestone. Do not be too hard on yourself when you slip up. You can make things easier by setting short-term goals that you can track and attain without too much struggle; this will motivate you.

For instance, if you enjoy a glass of wine when seated in front of the TV as you wind down after work, replace that drink with something else non-alcoholic you enjoy. Please note the money you save through your reduced drinking; you could be surprised by how quickly it adds up to a significant amount. You can use the saving to treat yourself to a day out or some new shoes or clothes.

give up drinking

You can use “My Drinkaware” to set attainable goals and ensure you stay on top of your drinking.

 5. Enjoy The Benefits

If you are trying to cut down on alcohol or quit drinking entirely, you might discover improvements in your looks and how you feel. You may find that you are more energetic, sleep better, have dropped a bit, and have many other new developments regarding your health and overall well-being.  The most significant thing is that you will have lowered the risk of developing alcohol-related diseases like heart diseases, liver problems, lower blood pressure, and cancer.

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