4 Top Benefits Of Physical Therapy In Valdosta, GA

Physical therapy can be understood as a conservative approach to dealing with medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries. These medical conditions might include sports injuries like ligament tears, chronic body pain, especially in the back and neck region, or muscular dystrophy. This condition leads to the weakening of muscles and a gradual decrease in muscle mass.

A well-customized physical therapy plan according to one’s requirements can significantly help a person regain their prior functioning, movement, and strength.

Studies reveal that 68% of physical therapy patients consider it a much safer option than pain-relief drugs and medical treatments. Every physical therapist valdosta ga, charges $49.10 per hour while focusing on meeting their clientele’s needs. Stretching over an area of 94.35 km2, Valdosta is popularly known as “Winnersville” for its championship sports team. Both high schoolers and college graduates are part of such teams. Valdosta is home to more than 56,000 people who witness a complaint of sports injuries from hundreds of athletes each year.

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Here is a list of a few reasons why physical therapy can benefit a person dealing with medical conditions.

1. Significant Reduction Or Elimination Of Pain

There is a high possibility that you must have tried a million ways, like pain-relief drugs, to deal with your chronic body pain. However, that pain sometimes might lure its way back to you.

Studies reveal that about 46% of people undergoing physical therapy have had a good experience relieving spine pain. A physical therapist in Valdosta, GA, sees a patient in about 6–12 sessions, conducts a comprehensive diagnosis, and creates a customized plan to deal with every individual’s problem. Valdosta is home to more than 35 licensed physical therapists. According to recent statistics, physical therapy has a 50.8% success rate.

Physical therapy includes therapeutic exercises and manual therapy strategies like joint and soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, taping, and electrical stimulation to aid in relieving pain. Such treatments are widely known to eradicate pain in a few sessions.

2. Recovering From A Stroke

There is a high possibility for a person to lose the function and mobility of some of their body parts after experiencing a stroke. Physical therapy aids in improving the lost mobility and function of such body parts by strengthening and providing balance to the affected parts.

Such therapeutic exercises can highly aid in transferring a person from bed rest to being able to move around independently in the home. This helps reduce assistance in daily chores like toileting, bathing, and dressing up.

3. Avoids Surgery

One of the most significant factors of physical therapy is that it significantly reduces the chances of a person undergoing surgery. Therapeutic exercises help relieve pain and strengthen the injured area—this aids in healing the injured body part with minimal external help.

Even when surgery is inevitable, prehab exercises help strengthen a person’s muscles and improve mobility. Undergoing surgery in a better shape and form ultimately helps in recovering faster.

4. Improves Mobility

People of any age group might have difficulty standing, walking, moving, or running due to a lack of balance. In minor cases, physical therapists help restore balance with numerous stretching and strengthening exercises.

However, in major cases where a person has lost 60–70% of their balancing and coordinating ability, a physical therapist may consider assisting the patient with crutches or a cane or suggest an orthotic prescription.


Physical therapy and therapists can significantly improve a person’s activity, which is essential in the individual’s daily life. With a customizable plan according to one’s need, and regular practice of the suggested exercises, one can easily manage, adapt, and recover from an injury or illness they have been dealing with.

Physical therapy aids in restoring a person’s lost strength, mobility, balance, and agility. It also aids in various health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, and pelvic pain.

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