Guide to Different Types of Air Conditioners

If you are considering air conditioning for your home, one of the tasks you need to do is to choose a model that suits your home and your budget. If you’re new here, this quick guide to the different types of air conditioners can help you choose the right type.

Guide to Types of Air Conditioners

Packaged AC

This is a very strong type of cooling mechanism. In addition to domestic use, it is used in industrial premises. It can be attached to the roof or wall and can cool large spaces.

Central AC

This type of AC is usually used in homes. They are considered the best type for home use because they are very quiet and have the ability to provide the best air quality and temperature in a room. However, the performance of these units strongly depends on the size of the room in which they are located. The central unit cannot perform well if its capacity does not match the size of the room.

Split AC

This type of air conditioners is actually divided into two parts. The first is an outdoor condenser and the second is an indoor unit. The condenser can generate air through the fan and direct the air through the internal nozzles. These are the most used models not only in living rooms but also in various buildings.

The advantage of split air conditioners is that they take up very little space when installed, as they already have an indoor unit. They are also quieter than those installed on the windows and less noticeable.

Window AC

For people on a budget, window air conditioners are best. These are not centralized units but still, they can control the temperature of a single room. It has a little strength in it but if placed in a good location it can really surround the cold air in a wide space.

These are usually installed in halls, exterior walls, and windows. This type works by expelling cold air from its front and hot air from its back, which is outside. This type of unit is one of the easiest to install and one of the cheapest.

Portable AC

Portable models are great for travelers or small homeowners or those who live alone. It can save you money and keep you cool. The only problem with this is that it can be noisy due to its engines.

This is a compact type of unit that you can easily move here and there. It is used in small rooms where the installation of conventional cooling systems is not permitted.

Cassette AC

These are used by those who want to save space. As their name suggests, they have the shape of cassettes and are usually placed on ceilings. The panels were designed so as not to interfere with the interiors of the house. The advantage of this type is that they do not require any form of piping. They are also commonly used in large spaces.

The different types of air conditioners can be easily assessed in relation to your needs. Window and portable models will be good for small areas. For households, split units are a better choice. Window/wall units are also useful as a centerpiece for small to medium-sized areas.

Before you go out and buy an air conditioner for your home, first familiarize yourself with the many forms of this device. Choose the right type, it will help you to ensure the best air quality and energy savings in the room where you plan to install it.

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