Going on a Trip: Here’s Why You Need a VPN

Meta: When you’re going on a trip, you’ll still need to keep your online privacy high. Here’s why the most important thing you need for travel is a VPN.

Are you planning a trip abroad, but you’re not sure how to maintain your personal information safe?

Check out this guide to find out why a VPN is crucial for keeping your information private, wherever you are in the world.


Here are some of the key reasons why you need a VPN before you leave home.

  • Accessing local content.
  • Getting past restrictions.
  • Safe browsing.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Travel

There are some important reasons for using a VPN when you travel, but basically it comes down to privacy and access to content. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Accessing Local Content

Especially if you’re away for longer than a couple of days, you might want to keep up with your local TV shows. But even if it’s free to watch online in New Zealand, because of broadcasting rights you won’t be able to watch them outside the country.

And what about sporting events? You might not be able to watch every All Blacks match everywhere in the world, not to mention lesser-known teams. You’ll need a VPN to access content from New Zealand broadcasters to see your favourite team play.

Popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also have different content available for different countries. In Europe or in the United States, your Netflix library will likely change.

With a VPN, you can connect to servers in New Zealand to keep watching your favorite shows and keep up with your favorite sports.

2. Getting Past Restrictions

If you’re planning to travel to China or other countries with strict internet regulations, you won’t be able to use Google, Facebook or Twitter. You’ll need a VPN to access this content and keep in touch with your friends and followers.



3. Safe Browsing

When you’re away, you probably won’t be using your mobile data to browse the internet. But you’ll likely still need to find information online, likely using public Wi-Fi. You might even keep your Bluetooth, WI-FI and location tracking on to make your way through a new city. But do you want everyone to see your activity?

And not to mention buying tickets on your computer or phone using your credit card. Many tour ticket, bus, plane or train tickets, offer the possibility to buy tickets online and secure your spot.

With museums, theme parks or theatres, you might get a better price online than in person. Not to mention avoiding standing in lines when you buy tickets in advance.

But when you connect to public Wi-Fi or use public computers, you’re vulnerable to hacking. And if you put in your personal information and credit card numbers, you’re putting yourself at risk of identity theft. A VPN will encrypt your information so nobody can view it from outside, even on a shared network.

4. Banking

When you log into your bank account from a foreign country, your bank might detect the activity and flag it as suspicious. To prevent fraud, they may then proceed to block your bank account, which can leave you stripped of funds when you’re out of the country.

The right VPN lets you appear as if you’re still in New Zealand, which won’t sound the alarms in your bank.

What To Look for in a VPN for Travel

For all these issues, you can get over them with the right VPN. But pay attention to which one you pick. You’ll need to pay attention to these features to make sure the VPN is right for your needs.

Server Locations

Your VPN needs to be right for your country, meaning that it needs to have servers in the country you’re trying to unlock. Finding a VPN that’s ideal for New Zealand users means you’ll need one that has servers, as many as possible, in the country.

If the VPN has only one server in New Zealand, it might not be the most reliable, since any server might be momentarily down. If that happens during an important match, you’ll risk missing it if you can’t access another server in the country.

We recommend checking out this VPNNZ review to find the best VPN for New Zealand users, wherever you decide to travel.




Works in Your Target Country

Make sure your VPN can get over the firewalls in countries that have restrictions. Most of the major VPN services will work through China’s restrictions, for example, but make sure this is the case. They often use Shadowsocks protocol, which allows them to work through the firewall.

Also, keep in mind that in countries with internet restrictions, using a VPN may be illegal. While it’s not common for foreign tourists to get fines for VPN use, you should check out the situation in your destination before travel.

Remember: A VPN will keep your information private online, but it still won’t keep you safe from viruses. We recommend combining a good VPN with a solid antivirus to really maintain your security when traveling and at home.


Whether you’re an iPhone, Android, PC or Mac user, you want the VPN to have an easy-to-use app that won’t take forever to figure out. After all, you’ll be busy traveling. You don’t have time to waste time trying to remember how to use the app every time you get your phone out.

Another important issue for usability is the speed. A VPN passes your connection through an additional server, and a bad one can really slow you down. And nobody wants to watch the  football or rugby match they’re watching to stop because of a bad VPN!

Bottom Line

A VPN is key for keeping your information secure and private when you’re traveling. It’ll also let you access social media from countries with restrictions, as well as access local streaming content.  With a VPN, you won’t have to give up watching local sports from home, no matter where you are in the world.

And finding the right VPN for your trips isn’t as hard as it seems. Just make sure it has servers in New Zealand and that it’s fast and easy enough to use. Also, make sure it’s able to work through local restrictions in countries with strict regulations.

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