Get Creative! 7 Great Creativity Hacks

Extensive studies suggest being creative has many benefits. Flexing your creative brain muscles can lead to increased happiness, improved brain function, and make you smarter.

Considering this, you should have some creative outlet in your life. You don’t have to be a Picasso or Mozart to get creative, either. Anyone can do it.

Though, if you are struggling with being creative this guide can help. Read on to discover, 7 hacks that can help you get creative.

Get Creative! 7 Great Creativity Hacks
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1. Get Your Mind Right

Being more creative starts with unlocking the artistic side of your mind. Sometimes it can be hard to hone and focus creativity.

Look for times when your mind is ready to get artistic.

Maybe you are feeling most creative when you wake up rested. Perhaps you want to get creative to relieve stress after work. Sometimes a coffee, energy drinks, or even nootropics for creativity can light the fire.

Try to find when and how it’s best to work.

2. Cut Out Distractions

If you want to focus on your creativity, consider cutting out any distractions. Set aside anything that will break your creative concentration. This includes phones, TV, and computers.

Try to get lost in your projects – creativity will follow.

3. Try Focusing on One Thing

If you are struggling to get creative, try focusing on one project. Dabbling in too many mediums can be overwhelming.

Pick one project or hobby you think you will like and dedicate your time to it.

4. Learn from The Experts

If you have that one creative project in mind, look to the experts. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or writing, research the masters that came before.

Not all creativity happens during hands-on work. Visit a museum, read great works of fiction, study your favorite creatives.

You’ll be surprised how studying the masters of your craft can help unlock creativity.

5. Search for Inspiration

If you’ve found a creative outlet, sometimes it can help to look for a certain stylistic approach. In other words, try to concentrate your focus.

For example, painting is an excellent way to increase creativity. However, painting is a broad medium. There is impressionism, contemporary, surrealism, and any number of other movements.

Look for a style that speaks to your creative side and sparks your inspiration.

6. Be Confident

Nothing can stifle creativity like a lack of confidence. However, it can be tough to show off your work when you are starting out.

No matter what your artistic hobby, keep track of how you have grown and improved. Seeing clear improvement will build confidence. Before long, you will be willing to show off your work.

Confidence eliminates inhibitions.

7. Take Notes

You never know when inspiration and creativity will occur, sometimes it can strike like lightning. As such, a nice practice is keeping a journal or notebook with you.

This allows you to jot down inspiration, doodle, and develop ideas.

By the way, just by writing in the notebook, you are already being creative.

Get Creative

If you are having trouble breaking the creative barrier, consider these hacks. Whether you want to improve your confidence, you seek inspiration, or you need help focusing, this list is designed to help you get creative.

The benefits of a creative outlet are numerous. Try out the tips you think will help you unlock your artistic side.

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