Gain More Likes For Your Next MakeUp Tutorial With These Hacks

In a time and age where humans are spending an average of more than 8 hours of screen time, more than half of that consuming video, a lot of people have managed to tap into this factor and make it into a business. But what if you are just getting started with your venture? The rules of the game have changed, and there are new hacks you can use to engage your audience and get more interactions!

We have compiled a guide on how to increase your interactions with your audience. Here you go!

 MakeUp Tutorial hacks

Develop a Clear Vision

Well, you will create videos to capture the attention of the viewer, but the viewer will lose interest if your videos are randomly clustered around some ideas you found “nice.” What you need to do is set out a clear vision regarding your content. For example – With your make up videos, what is your main niche with makeup? Do you do extravagant makeup? Or you do makeup that can be done on a daily basis, or do you do makeup for special occasions, etc.

Mapping out a clear vision ensures that the viewer spends more time watching videos – because, once they are interested in a certain “type” of video, they want to see more of the same “type” of videos. Tapping into and keeping in mind this factor is essential to creating consistent content that will be liked by your viewers. InVideo offers a great YouTube video editor online, which you could make use of.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Visual Identity

If you have a strong visual distinction, you attract more visitors – which in turn triggers the YouTube algorithm into sending more unique viewers your way. Make sure your account page looks neat and polished. Nobody wants to take any kind of advice from somebody who is unorganized and does not have their own things under control.

Making a clear visual distinction of your brand image like a brand logo or a banner image will give a good idea of your intentions with the page to the viewer, and thus be able to grab their eye more effectively. Make sure you write a compelling channel description to break the “digital ice” with your viewers. This will urge them to click, which in turn will broadcast your content to many more unique viewers.

Follow the Trendsetters

Yes, you want to be a trendsetter yourself. That is a great goal. But how do you set trends without followers or viewers? You have to first learn the tricks of the trade to be able to perform and make a name for yourself. This means you need to pay attention to who and what is trending on YouTube in your particular category of videos and do what they are doing.

To some, this might sound like you are copying them, and in essence, you are, but that is just to trigger the YouTube algorithm into broadcasting your content. The trick here is to ensure you do it right. No one is going to like your videos if you have put in half the efforts.

MakeUp Tutorial Hacks to gain more likes

At some point or another, you will face the same problem everyone does – what will my next video be about? Following the trendsetters in your niche gives you great ideas about what to make next and even shows you a way to do it! Following trendsetters is not so much “copying” as much as it is “taking free advice.”

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools in Your Toolbox

Creating content is not as easy as whipping out your phone and shooting a video – well, in some cases, it is. But here, we need to create a way to get consistent results. So, what can we do? We make use of the right tools to do so. By using the right types of hardware and software tools, you can make your video look like it was created in a studio.

Especially for YouTube videos, InVideo has created a tool that will help content creators form a base for their videos. A free video editor with no watermark will lend a helping hand to all content creators. There are a lot of uses of this tool. With all the basic editing requirements fulfilled with tools like these, the content creator can concentrate more on actually creating new content rather than putting in more time editing.


As a content creator, you must have a cordial relationship with your audience because the audience is a great source of ideas. Especially with new content creators, you need to ensure that you engage with your audience by replying to their comments.

Replying to viewer comments also gives more attention to the viewer, and this recognition might gain you a loyal fan following. In a time where just engaging content might not be enough to get interactions from viewers, you need to step up your efforts. You could even, for instance, give a few likes to your fan accounts. This will further bolster your image into the mind of the public to gain more traction.

Partner up!

Don’t want anyone else in your videos? Well, maybe you should consider it. Keeping in touch with the rest of the content creators in your niche and maintaining jovial relationships with them can get you places. Along with sharing tips on how they are coping with the changing landscape of the content creation space, you will also get new ideas on what to do and what not to do. This means you get information on how to step up your game and also stop doing all the things you have been doing wrong.

By getting a partner from your own niche into your videos, you gain more views. How so? Well, the same video will be shared on your partner’s channel too, and this means you get free advertising! This means your partner can attract more unique viewers across to your channel just as you will send more unique viewers across to their channel. This sharing ideology works well for both participants, and there is a lot to gain for both you and your YouTube partner!

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