Four Ways You Can Confidently Ask Your Boss for a Raise

Working hard is part of the American ethos, and that go get ‘em attitude is what has built some of the biggest businesses and created some of the richest entrepreneurs in America today. No one with a job wants to feel like their hard work and contributions to the company are going unnoticed or undervalued, but while some may feel like they have earned a raise, they may not know how to confidently communicate this with their boss.

Ask Your Boss for a Raise

If you feel like the time has come to try to have this conversation with your boss, then you may be looking for tips on how to negotiate a raise the right way. Get ready and form a mental checklist, and take note of some of the following hints to help you inquire about your well-earned raise.

1. Spotlight your contributions and why you think they’re important

One of the best ways to really show your boss some of your biggest achievements and what you contribute to the company on a regular basis is simply to outline why you feel you a great job that warrants a raise. Let your boss know some of your biggest achievements, particularly the ones you are most proud of, and how you think those contributions helped the company as a whole.

If your boss can get a visual idea of how much you really add to the company, they might be more inclined to seriously consider honoring your request for a raise.

2. Be prepared to take on a bit more responsibility

You know how sometimes you’ll hear something like “I don’t want to deal with that, it’s above my pay grade” when you’re on the job? There’s a reason people say it: They don’t want to deal with bigger issues when they don’t feel like they are paid enough to take on that responsibility.

If you are prepared to ask for a raise, make sure you are willing to let your boss know that you are willing to accept the added responsibilities that may come with it. This piece of advice can be a bit of a double-edged sword, however, because you might find that you may be indirectly asking for (and possibly even granted) a promotion on the spot.

3. Practice your pitch

Doing something like asking for a raise feels like a brazen move for a lot of people who may be normally on the shy side. If you think you need to rehearse a little to help you stay confident and have a sort of mental script to follow, then try practicing what you plan to say to your boss a few times in the mirror the night before.

When you have a good idea of what you want to say before you actually walk into the room, you will feel a lot more confident, and will sound like it, as well.

4. Don’t be afraid to hear the word “no”

When you’re asking for a raise, you’re not always guaranteed to have your request granted, no matter how much you think you might add to the company. Your company may have policies set on when they grant raises, like around annual evaluation time. Companies have many different policies on when they can institute raises, though you might find some companies to be a little more lenient on such rules and willing to do things on a case by case basis.

Not to worry, however. After all, you should always be prepared for a negative answer, as things may not always work out the way you’d like. There is absolutely no harm in trying, though, and the worst thing your boss can tell you is not right now. While the negative answer may sting a bit, know that it is not a definitive answer that is going to last forever.

Who knows, you may get your desired raise anyway when your annual evaluation rolls around. Your boss may also remember your confidence and keep your request in mind to grant it at a later date. There is never any harm in trying when the worst thing you can hear is a possible no.

Ask Your Boss for a Raise

Confidence is Key

Remember, no matter how big of a social butterfly or how much of a professional you may feel like, directly asking your boss for a raise can usually feel a little awkward. That’s why it is so important to have an air of confidence about you, and try to practice what you plan to say beforehand if possible.

Hopefully, if all goes well, you will have your desired raise in no time at all, and continue making your very best contributions and working hard to show your company just how much you earned it.

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