Find Out What Octopus Jewelry Tells About Its Owner

Octopus is a mysterious animal. In some people, it causes fear, while others inexplicably admire it. People who live near the sea often make octopuses their deities, their patron saints. Since ancient times, it was believed that octopuses create whirlpools and can destroy ships. Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? Thanks to this peculiarity, it becomes a symbol of immortality in various cultures. If you have your eye on an octopus ring or pendant, you need to learn more about its meaning.

Octopus Jewelry

Octopus Jewelry Meaning

In many cultures, octopuses are associated with the underworld, evil, and darkness. This is because this sea creature has a unique ability. If an octopus is frightened, its glands secrete the so-called ink cloud, which turns the water around into impenetrable darkness. Hiding behind this cloud, the beast can slope off quickly and quietly.

Amulets and jewelry featuring octopus images are often worn by sailors. They believe that this symbol can protect them from adversity, the evil eye, and evil thoughts. Sailors hoped that this image would save them from death in the deep sea.

In the modern interpretation, the octopus is associated with cyclicity and time spirals. Therefore, it becomes a symbol of eternity and longevity. Ancient shamans used it as a means to accelerate the rhythm of life and progress. Because of this cyclicity, an octopus is often associated with lunar activities and phases of the moon, which are variable, repeating, and eternal.

Octopuses are incredibly flexible animals. Their body does not have a spine and it is built in such a way that they can penetrate into holes that are 4 times smaller than themselves. A person who wears octopus rings as it were tells the world around that all doors are open for them and that there they can overcome every barrier on their way.

Immortality, Invulnerability, and Windom Symbol

The octopus has developed excellent camouflage skills. Like a chameleon, it can change its color. When everything is ok, octopuses are brown but when they feel danger, they instantly whiten thus becoming invisible to an enemy. If an octopus is angry, it acquires a red tint. Thanks to this property, octopuses and jewelry with their images symbolize invulnerability, the ability to adapt to any circumstance, and the capability of avoiding danger.

An octopus spends all day in its cave and only at night, it leaves it to go hunting. Therefore, octopuses are totem animals for people leading an active lifestyle at night. On top of that, octopuses are a symbol of immortality and nobleness because they have blue blood and boast three hearts. In addition, they have a well-developed ability to recover: tentacles damaged by their enemies grow again over time.

Octopuses are incredibly intelligent creatures. The size of their brains is equal to the size of their entire body. They are the only mollusks that can be trained. People noticed that they can remember and recognize faces as well as distinguish colors and shapes. If you wear an octopus accessory, it can speak of a sharp mind and extraordinary intelligence.

Octopuses have many great qualities. When choosing a ring or pendant with this symbol, you can give it any of the following meanings:

    • flexibility;
    • invulnerability;
    • wisdom;
    • immortality;
    • intelligence.

Octopus Jewelry for Men

For guys, an octopus symbolizes independence. After all, this marine resident has always been an independent creature. They do not live in packs. Instead, they try to stay away from their own kind. Secretive, reserved, and independent men often try to express their individuality with an octopus ring or tattoo.

The eight- tentacle creature also denotes strength and courage. Many people believe that amulets depicting an octopus can protect against evil spirits. Even if you don’t believe in magic, one glance on an octopus can give you a boost of confidence. If you value strength, virility, and boldness and you want to develop those qualities in yourself, an octopus ring is a good start.

Octopus Jewelry For Women

An octopus ring on a woman’s finger can mean that she is a strong, confident, and independent person. Besides that, this accessory signifies motherhood. I bet you didn’t know it but lady octopuses lay up to 150 thousand eggs in their lifespan. So, if you already have children, an accessory with this prolific marine creature will hit the spot. It is a great idea to complement your jewelry with engravings carrying your kids’ names.

If a girl lives an eventful and busy life bristling with changes and new encounters, octopus jewelry will be able to tell about it. After all, an octopus is the king of inconstancy. It can change its color several times a day depending on the situation.

Many women who successfully survived a divorce or some kind of hardship can benefit from an octopus amulet. In this case, its meaning will be adaptation and restoration. Indeed, this marine beast can easily recover and grow stronger after losing tentacles in fights.

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