Winter Outfit Suggestions from a Personal Stylist

As personal Stylist Meg Gallagher states, “ Just because you like to shop does NOT make you qualified.”

It is true. Being stylish doesn’t mean wearing expensive clothing. What you choose can be outstanding and beautiful, though what if it does not fit your style and lifestyle?

Having a personal stylist will guide you to find your style and boost confidence, regardless of your size, shape, and preferences.

Autumn is close to the end, and it is high time to update the wardrobe. Let’s face it, each season offers many opportunities to be different. From cardigans, midi skirts, shearling jackets, blazers, and long-sleeve tops to warmer clothing options: you can always find an alternative. While each season comes with trendy offers, it doesn’t mean you should leave your clothing behind. You can always get great ideas to match your clothes and look stylish.

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Here are some suggestions for winter when it is too cold outside:

1. Use belts to bring your coats a trendy look

In winter, when we wear coats on our clothing, sometimes it seems boring. Belts are one of the best accessories that can change the whole image, offering an outstanding solution and ensuring you will be different. As they come in different styles, colors, shapes, and materials, you can always find an option that will work on your coats or winter outfit. These accessories will greatly enhance your look and add a unique touch to your style. For some stylists, these are must-have accessories in winter. They find that belts give a lot of great opportunities to the users.

2. Wear matching hats

Research shows that most people find it essential to wear a hat in winter. The reasons are endless: from keeping the head warmer to freshening your look. Of course, hats are must-have accessories that will keep you warmer and help you create a trendy style. Whether you are wearing a wool beret, fedoras, oversized beanies, or any other, make sure to fit it into your overall style and feel more confident in your look. You can find more than 100 types of hats from different brands, colors, and benefits.

3 Choose outstanding scarves

Scarves are among the most searched accessories, and it is not an accident as they define versatility and bring a new breath to every look. Wearing them in winter can be beneficial both for style and functionality. It can freshen any look and be a unique addition to your winter style. Some personal stylists offer small scarves to the handbag to bring some aesthetics into your overall look. Scarves can also be a great alternative to hair accessories. Winter offers a wide range of options to wear these outstanding accessories.

4 Enhance your style with accessories

You can find many winter accessories: from gloves to warm socks, sunglasses, etc. Even a minimal amount of them can bring elegance and style to your look. They are a great value to enhance your look cost-effectively.

Finding additional accessories can help you to make your outfit even more eye-catchy and compliment your look. However, these accessories should be in balance. They, otherwise, will fail to provide interest in your look and leave the opposite result. Your accessories, no matter which type you prefer, should express your personality and style.

5 Your shoes can make a change!

You might have noticed that people wear different types of shoes that don’t work well in winter. The truth is that you should follow trends, and at the same time take care of your warmth, as cold feet can cause a lot of health-related issues. Consulting with a personal stylist will give you a clear idea of how to choose shoes both functional and stylish. They are essential accessories for any look, that’s why you should not ignore their great role in your winter style.


Being cold does not mean that you should bring the mood to your wardrobe and style. Your clothing can become a great way to warm up this winter and cheer yourself up. If you still find out how to do it and need help and guidance, you can always ask for help from a personal stylist who will give you customized advice.

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