Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

As your kids get older with each passing year, you might have started to notice that they’re beginning to have their own opinions on what they want to wear. Maybe you laid an outfit on their bed for them one day, a cute t-shirt and a pair of leggings for tweens, and they complained that they didn’t want to wear it, walked out of their room wearing something completely different, or something in between. Kids can be really opinionated, especially as they enter the tween years and want to form an identity of their own. If all of these things have been applying to your current situation and you’re starting to sweat a little, don’t worry! This is completely normal, and it’s actually healthy that your kid is wanting to become more independent in what clothes they wear. However, there should be a limit to this freedom; your children shouldn’t have full control over what they wear – not yet. Today, we’re going to tell you why this is. To learn all the reasons why you should pick out your kids outfits for them, keep on reading.

Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

They Could Get Too Cold or Hot

First and foremost, chances are, your kid doesn’t have a very wholesome understanding of what kind of clothes they should wear depending on the weather. Way too often, boys want to run out into the snow wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts, and girls want to wear a knit sweater and some thick leggings for tweens in the middle of the summer. As the parent, you understand the kind of clothes your kid should wear based on the weather. When you put together their outfits for them, you can give them warmer clothes in the colder season and loose, breathable clothes when it’s warm.

They Don’t Know How to Dress for Different Occasions/Settings

Picture this: you let your kid dress themselves for the day, and when they come home from school, you realize they had been wearing a super casual outfit the whole day even though they presented in front of their whole class. This is a total nightmare, right? Well, this is reason number two why you shouldn’t let your kids choose their own clothes. Sometimes, they simply don’t understand how to dress for different occasions and settings. A casual outfit might be fine for a day at the park, but it’s inappropriate and can reflect poorly on both you and your kid if they wear that same outfit to something like a school presentation.

They Don’t Know What’s Comfortable and What’s Not

We know that it’s important to you as the parent that your kid is comfortable throughout the day. This is exactly why you shouldn’t let your kids pick their own outfits; they don’t know what kind of clothes are comfortable on them and what’s not. Your kid might have a favorite pair of pants, but they’re growing faster than you can keep up with. They might want to wear that pair of pants one day, but since they’re growing and the pants are not, they might find themselves super uncomfortable halfway through the day. As the parent, you understand what clothes fit or are too tight on your child, so it’s best that you pick their clothes for them until they have a proper understanding about how clothes should fit and what’s comfortable on their bodies.

They Could Attract Unwanted Attention

Although no parent wants to hear it, let’s face it; letting your kid choose their own clothes could, unfortunately, attract unwanted attention. This could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe the clothes are a super bright color and stand out because of that, or maybe the skirt is too short for the activity that your child is doing today. No matter the reason, the last thing any parent wants is for someone to look at their child in an unwanted way. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that you as the parent protect your child in this way. While your kid might not understand this, you understand what kind of clothes can be worn in different scenarios and in front of different crowds. By picking your kids’ clothes until they have enough maturity to understand the depth and importance of these things, you can protect them from a whole lot of trouble.


In summary, here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t let your kids choose their own clothes:

    • They could get too hot or cold
    • They don’t know how to dress for different occasions/settings
    • They don’t know what’s comfortable and what’s not
    • They could attract unwanted attention

We encourage you to pay attention to the maturity level of your child because you definitely shouldn’t pick their clothes for them forever. At some point, gradually loosen the reins and allow them freedom over their clothes once they’re responsible enough to dress wisely, but for now, keep on doing what you’re doing. Your kids might not realize it now, but they’ll be thankful for it later on.

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