Which Finger Should I Wear a Ring On? A Guide on Ring and Finger Symbolism

Are you superstitious? Don’t open the umbrella inside, don’t walk under the ladder. Don’t wear a ring on your wedding ring finger before getting engaged because it could be bad luck when you get married.

Whichever finger you decide to wear a ring on—there’s a meaning for it. Today, a lot of these meanings don’t hold value, but they once showed the difference between being in the mafia, or just getting married.

A Guide on Ring and Finger Symbolism
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Read on below to find out what it means to wear a ring on each finger.

Left Hand

Pinky Finger

It was once believed that wearing two rings on your left pinky finger was a symbol of marriage for a man. It would be his wedding ring, then another signet ring on top of that. This was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, however, we rarely see this today.

A second reason for wearing a pinky ring was more dangerous—it usually meant you were part of the mafia or an organized crime group. This ring would usually be something gaudy and prominent. These rings were usually extremely expensive and for good reason: when the man died, they used them to fund his funeral.

On a more positive note, pinky rings are also worn to symbolize family pride. The rings usually show the family crest on it.

Ring Finger

In Western society, we know this finger is for our engagement and wedding rings. This goes back centuries to the belief that there was a vein that ran from our hearts to the tip of our ring finger on our left hand.

It was called “Vena Amoris” meaning the Vein Of Love. And so, this began the tradition of wearing your engagement and wedding rings on this finger. The reason for diamonds in our engagement rings goes back to the Egyptians with their belief that a diamond on this finger would ignite eternal love.

What hand you wear your wedding ring on can be different based on where you live in the world, but in the Western world, we wear both our wedding and engagement rings on our left hand ring finger. Usually, if you choose to wear both your engagement ring and wedding ring together, it is tradition to wear your wedding ring first since then it is closest to your heart.

Middle Finger

Wearing a ring on your middle finger of your left hand doesn’t hold any specific statement, or stand for anything. However, our middle fingers are the longest and most prominent on each of our hands, so a ring on this finger could be a symbol of power and responsibility (if you’re looking for a meaning).

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A Guide on Ring and Finger Symbolism

Index Finger

Like the middle finger, there is no set meaning as to wearing a ring on your left index finger. But this finger is one of the fingers that is the most noticed on the hand, so it is a good finger to wear an important ring on. This could range from something like a high-impact fashion statement, or even your class ring!


Again, the thumb doesn’t have a clear meaning. A ring on this finger will not tell about your relationship status or profession. It is a great place for a fashion statement if you can find a beautiful ring that is both comfortable and doesn’t impede on your hand movements!

Right Hand

Pinky Finger

A ring on this hand can be an indicator of professional status. About 90% of people in Western countries are right-handed, as opposed to 10% of left-handed people. This means that the right hand is usually the dominant hand.

Wearing a professional ring looks better when worn on the dominant hand. Top graduates wear a ring on this finger as a symbol of their success. Usually, they are simple rings, however, some are a little more extravagant with the graduate school crest on it.

Ring Finger

This finger is also called the ring finger because this is the finger that most people wear rings. This finger is the finger that some cultures and countries wear their engagement and martial rings.

Some countries that use their right hand ring finger for their wedding bands include Russia, India, Germany, Denmark, and many other Eastern European countries.

Middle Finger

Just like the left hand middle finger, this doesn’t have an interpretation. You can improvise with the kind of ring you want here, and what you want it to symbolize.

Index Finger

Unlike the left hand index finger which doesn’t have a meaning, the right-hand index finger does have meaning in some cultures. The index finger on the right hand is seen as the wedding ring finger in traditional Jewish marriages.

In the Jewish ceremony, it is usually a plain gold ring that goes on the right index finger. Some women choose to move it to their left hand ring finger, however, most leave it on their right index finger.

If you are not wearing a ring for cultural or religious reasons, you could get away with many different styles on this index finger.


The thumb doesn’t hold any significance, just like the thumb on the left hand. It’s just a great finger to show off a great statement ring!


Palmistry which is also called Chirology is the act of reading a person’s palm lines. However, in palmistry, there is also the reading of your fingers and what the meaning of each finger is.

Below is what each finger means according to palmistry.


In Chirology, the thumb is the finger of will power. Since the thumb is independent of the other fingers, it symbolizes strength, thoughts independent of others, and freedom.

Index Finger

Your index finger, also known as your pointer finger, is the finger of ambition and authority. Self-confidence and leadership are also connected to the thought of this finger.

This makes sense as we use this finger the most when talking about things, and discussing new ideas. We also use this finger to single out things by points.

Middle Finger

As the middle finger is the center of our fingers, it is seen as a connection to our identity. What we wear on our middle finger can show what we hold closest to us and our beliefs, according to palmistry.

Ring Finger

The ring finger has connections to love, the heart, and emotion. Interestingly enough, wearing a ring on this finger has a different meaning depending on who bought it.

When you wear a ring on this finger given to you by your mate, we know this means a promise of faithfulness and commitment to that person. However, if you wear a ring on this finger that you bought yourself, it can represent self-love, belief in your talents and self-worth.

Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is the finger that represents relationships in your life whether they be professional or personal. This finger is seen as a symbol of strength, and bonding with others.

Main Types Of Rings

Other than engagement rings and marriage rings, three other types of rings hold significance in our lives.

1.  Promise Ring

The promise ring usually comes before the engagement ring. Given to a significant other as their promise for future engagement and marriage. However, it can also be given to friends as a symbol of unending friendship.

These rings are usually simple but show affection for the other person.

2. Birthstone Rings

This is a ring that can be used for singular use, or a family. Meaning, you could get a ring with just your birthstone on it to wear, or you could get a ring with your family’s birthstones on it. Many mothers will wear rings that have their children’s birthstones on them.

These types of rings are usually given on birthdays or other special occasions such as baby showers.

3. Anniversary Rings

This goes back to engagement and wedding bands. This ring is something that is gifted on the more important anniversaries in a marriage such as the 1st, 10th, 25th, 50th. This is a ring that symbolizes your continued love for your partner.

These rings can vary in style. They can be simple, or they can be lavish with diamonds and gold.

The Choice Is Yours On How To Wear A Ring

When it comes down to it, how you choose to wear a ring and on what finger, is your personal choice. If you are interested in palmistry or are a superstitious person, you may read this article as a guide for where to place your rings in the future.

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