Where To Shop Dior Products In Singapore

Dior is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of fashion and beauty. It’s known not only for its clothes but also for its line of makeup and fragrances. If you want to know where to shop Dior products in Singapore, then you’ve come to the right place. What follows is a list of places that carry Dior products in Singapore.

Shop Dior Products In Singapore
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Zalora is a popular online shopping portal that specializes in fashion and beauty products. So it’s expected that they have Dior products. At Zalora, you can get Dior perfumes for both men and women as well as makeup and skincare products. The advantage of getting Dior products from well-known online shopping websites such as Zalora is that you’re assured that you’re getting genuine products. Zalora is also reliable as far as delivery of orders is concerned. The online shop also holds regular sale events and promos where you can get products at 50% off or more.



TANGS is one of the most iconic department stores in Singapore. It was established by CK Tang in 1932 and initially offered products that were imported from China. TANGS is loved by many Singaporeans mainly because of its ability to keep up with the trends. If there’s a new trend in fashion, for example, then for sure TANG’s is where you can find it. Eventually, TANGS included products from known international brands as well such as Dior. So if you’re looking for a particular Dior product, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it at TANGS. You can visit their branches at TANG Plaza and at Vivo City or you can shop online through their website.



Sephora is another popular shop and it specializes in makeup and beauty products. It was founded in France in 1970. It has quickly become the leading makeup and perfume store chain in France. It expanded its operations worldwide and has eventually reached countries in Asia such as Singapore. Currently, it has more than 200 stores in the whole Asia Pacific region. Sephora is considered by many as a makeup and beauty product heaven. The store carries both well-known brands such as Dior as well as emerging brands. Sephora also has an online shopping website where you can conveniently buy makeup and beauty essentials.

Shop Dior Products In Singapore
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If you’re traveling to and from Singapore and you want to buy your favorite Dior makeup and perfume, then the best place to get it is at iShopChangi. It’s retail heaven that is conveniently located at Singapore’s Changi airport. And the best thing about iShopChangi is that it has a collection that can rival some of the large retails shops in Singapore. When it comes to makeup and fragrances, it can even rival Sephora. You can also buy what you need through their website and you can choose to have your order delivered or to just pick it up at the airport before you board. But even non-travelers can buy at iShopChangi and enjoy duty-free prices.

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