What to Wear to Hide a Belly Bulge

Having a protruding belly is not fun at all for adults. Some find it embarrassing, and it affects their esteem and self-confidence. It does not matter the size, and most people do the tummy tuck in if someone is looking at them or while taking a photo. Exercise and diets are one way to get rid of them, but most people find it challenging to follow through. Also, you can opt for a Tummy Tuck procedure to get a flat tummy. But until you make your decision. Try some fashion adjustments to help you hide your belly bulge. Some wardrobe planning is vital to create an illusion that you have a flat tummy with the tips below.

What to Wear to Hide a Belly Bulge

Wear solid colored and dark color clothes

To create a visual illusion of slimness. Dark colors and solid colors do the trick. Thus, choose to go dark or go solid with your outfits of choice. Also, if you love wearing prints, ensure they are in dark colors to keep your fit slimming. But if you prefer wearing light colors, use single solid colors, no patterns or prints from top to bottom. Try this tip with your next look, and you are sure to get compliments on how slimming and fit you look.

Bring attention to a body feature you love

What to Wear to Hide a Belly Bulge

 It could be your thin legs, slim arms, or nice cleavage. So, add embellishments to a place you want your eye to go. For instance, you can wear skirts to show off your long legs or wear leggings with nice flowery patches to shift attention from your belly area. Opt to go sleeveless to bring attention to your shapely arms. Choosing to wear exaggerated sleeves helps divert attention away from your tummy.

Use a tummy shaper

A waist shaper is a corset of modern times. Wearing a tight tummy shaper helps your waistline look slimmer in many inches inside your dress. Although they may have many names including, the waist trimmer, tummy control belt, smoothening shaper briefs, or shaping tights, the function is the same. These corsets intend to contour your waist to make your tummy look flatter under your clothes.

Wear clothes with vertical lines

What to Wear to Hide a Belly Bulge

Vertical lines are slimming, and the same applies to vertical print lines. Also, the design lines include darts, openings, among others. For instance, a long placket or jacket is a good choice for they look vertical. Plus, you can create a long vertical design line with a long open cardigan or jacket to help hide your big belly area. Once you know how to style this tip, it will turn out to be your favorite.

Avoid decorations in the belly area

Avoid driving attention to the belly area with decorations. So avoid outfits with embroidery, pockets, trims, or any other embellishments around the belly area. Also, attention-grabbing or wide belts to fasten your clothes over the waist will only emphasize how your belly area looks. Notably, keep off prints over the stomach area.

Wear a high waistline to camouflage the tummy

What to Wear to Hide a Bulge

A high waistline for dresses and high waist pants both work. Choosing low waist pants will cause the tummy to roll over. While with high waist pants, you tuck everything. So, you can wear a wrap dress or empire dress that tightens above your waistline to hide your belly area. Choose a dark-colored empire dress with long sleeves to reduce the big belly. Also, you can choose a peplum top as an option to cover your belly area.

To sum up, the above fashion tips will not remove your belly fat. But they come in handy to make your stomach look flat and make your belly bulge less prominent. Other fashion tips you can try are wearing longer tops and avoiding any crop tops for they cut across the midriff area. Also, beware of the fabric you choose to wear. Thick fabric makes you look bigger. Clingy clothes are not good as well. For leggings, stretchy leggings are comfortable for they are not too tight and keep the tummy in without being uncomfortable. So choose what you wear well if you intend to cover your bulging tummy area.

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