What Are The Two Most Trending T-Shirt Printing Methods?

With the advent of digital printing, many new techniques have emerged in T-shirt printing. What you use in a particular design also plays a vital role in choosing the printing method. There are so many varieties in the printing methods that it makes choosing one specific technique very difficult. Two most popular T-shirt printing methods that have become a millennial trend:

• Heat transfer printing method

• DTG printing Method

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Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

In this method, premium quality colourful photographic prints directly are printed onto the T-shirt. Designs that are too complex for other shirt printing methods or those designs that involve complicated artwork are best suited for DTG printing. Since screen printing is more apt for designs which use few colours. On the other hand, DTG printing machines can take up large colour mixing and can even print minute details. However, this method is more suitable for printing a few T-shirts, unlike screen printing method.

As there are few restrictions on the number of colours you can use, it has become quite a popular method. The time required to set it up is also very less. As the machines are not so big, it does allow more mobility to your business. It is way less messy, and the printing is of such superior quality that you would not be able to feel the ink on the fabric.

DTG Printing is more common to bulk customized t shirts since they are fast and simple to be made.However, the machines used in DTG printing are quite expensive, and it does require regular maintenance.

Heat Transfer Printing Method

In this method, the printer does the placement of transfer sheets on top of the garment, and then it is heat pressed. This method permanently applies custom graphics to garments. Solvent ink is primarily for digital printing the graphic design on heat transfer paper. Then a heat press machine is used to transfer the design from the paper to the T-shirt. The best part of this T-shirt printing method is that it can work on a variety of materials and fabrics without creating any mess and needs minimum maintenance.

This method comes with various techniques. They are:

Dye-Sublimation Printing

It is a popular variation of the heat transfer method. It only uses dye-based ink that transforms into gaseous form when heated.

Sublimation has become a trending technique when it comes to T-shirt printing. Other printing techniques cannot achieve the effect created by dye sublimation. Sublimation Shirts usually have an outstanding design with fine lines and details.

Plastinol Transfer Printing

It is quite similar to the screen printing method, but it makes no mess. It is a technique that is famous for testing T-shirt designs. Only after the design gets a hold in the market, then it moves to screen printing methods. It is a suitable technique for both colourful artwork and even artwork with few colours. However, this method is quite a time consuming and expensive.

Computer-Aided Design

It is a popular T-shirt printing method and is useful for the distribution of logos, names, and numbers on vinyl material and then pressing it on to the fabric. It is more appropriate for small orders.

Many entrepreneurs use T-shirt mock-ups, and once the design starts selling or get a good response; they continue to optimize the T-shirt design. There are many companies like Tshirt Printing Bar Sydney who help in creating T-shirt mock-ups.

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