What are the Best Chronograph Watches in 2020?

The chronograph watch has been considered as a timeless piece since its invention two hundred years ago. Its versatility and multi-tasking features have evolved through time and technology, with new facets introduced year after year.

Chronograph watches not only give that sophisticated and elegant look, but also boasts a lot of functionality that can be useful in taking note of time. These watches can be used for keeping track of a race or a dive, or even simpler activities such as your own exercise or help in timing business meetings at work.

Best Chronograph Watches

Even after two centuries, the innovation of the chronograph has been constant as well as the clamor of owning such timepiece. This year is no different, so for enthusiasts, what are the best chronograph watches in 2020?

Omega Speedmaster Chronograph

The Omega Speedmaster, has, time and again, remained an icon in terms of chronographs, thanks to its record as the watch approved by NASA to be brought to the moon. This year, Omega has relaunched the renowned Speedmaster watch that was worn by Ed White during their first lunar walk. Powered by the Calibre 321 movement, the same one used on the original Omega watch on the astronaut’s wrist, the 2020 version, is again sought-after for its similar trademark yet modern quality.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The best in the luxury field is taken by the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. This watch which is inseparably associated to the world of racing, remains to be a symbol and gives acclamation to Daytona, Florida, the place known as the world’s center for racing. The hefty price tag is justified by its excellent accuracy especially on the race track.

Sinn 103

The Sinn 103 is a scion of aviation chronographs that was used by the German Air Force. Powered by an automatic Valjoux 7750 movement, it has a simple, traditional design but is packed with a lot of purpose making it a remarkably good tool watch.

Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick

The Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick is the perfect option for those who are wanting to acquire a Swiss watch without spending a lot. This mid-range watch is made with military steel with sapphire crystal, which makes a great merge of style and serviceability.



Timex Men’s Edition Field Chronograph

The Timex Men’s Edition Field Chronograph is an unbeatable choice for those who want to be practical but won’t sacrifice quality. It has a comfortable leather strap, a tough design and is powered by quartz movement to guarantee the precision of time. Its outdoor look is built for nature-lovers and thrill-seekers.

Citizen Men’s Eco Drive

Worry not about changing batteries, the Citizen Men’s Eco Drive’s completely solar-powered system will give you ease on its maintenance. This feature gives it the edge on top of its chronograph functionality, as well as its quality without sacrificing a huge amount of money.

Seiko SSB 031 Chronograph Steelcase

The mechanical-style chronograph function on this watch is an impressive feature that few name-brand watches in this price range can compete with. This contemporary yet technical timepiece employs a mecha-quartz movement called the caliber 6T63, a hybrid kind of quartz movement that shares attributes from mechanical watches. Definitely this watch has an athletic and superior design with some gripping utility.

The choice on obtaining a chronograph watch of your own will definitely boil down to one’s budget, plans for usage, and of course, its aesthetic value as you wear it on your wrist. A lot of online websites such as www.technigadgets.net/collections/chronograph-watches offer excellent quality branded watches with good bargains and discounts for you.

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