Underwear Matters: How to Choose Your Brief

Your chosen underwear is not for the whole world to see. The only person who will see it is you and your lady love. However, this does not give you the license to wear ratty underwear all day long. As most grandmas used to say, wear your best undies, so in case you get into an accident, you won’t embarrass yourself if they have to rip off your pants. Make sure your mens briefs are in tip-top shape with fixed garters and no holes. Here are some things to consider when your underwear drawer is in a desperate need for change:

Underwear Matters How to Choose Your Brief

Pick Your Style

It would be best if you had a chock full of regular briefs with the traditional Y at the front. This provides excellent support and an awesome fit that hugs your family jewels just right. Another option is boxer shorts because they offer coverage and comfort. These are great to wear when you’re sleeping at night, so your man goods can breathe. This style flatters all kinds of shapes, so be sure to pick out several printed and plain boxers while you are in the store.

Similar to a boxer, trunks are also a great option because they provide added warmth and support. These are a must-have for the cold season as well as sporting activities. They end mid-thigh and assure there is no chafing. Finally, pouch briefs that emphasize your package is also a great addition, especially when you want to highlight your front. They add some lift with invisible drawstrings to give your most precious organ a visual boost, which comes in handy when you’re romancing the love of your life.

Select a Comfy Fabric

All men’s briefs come in different fabric styles to keep you cool and dry. The most classic is cotton fibre underwear, as it is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Jersey is another lightweight and lux option with a natural stretch. Because of added elasticity, you get more support for your weekend activities. Mesh is also a top-choice for active sports enthusiasts as it provides a moisture-wicking and cooling factor to keep you feeling dry down there.

Silk is another classic choice that feels good next to the skin. It offers lightness, which feels great when you are relaxing. However, this is a delicate fabric, so you need to hand wash this material if you want it to last. Choosing the fabric will depend on your activity for the day. In general, cotton works well for daily use, mesh and jersey work best for sporty stuff, and silk is excellent for sleeping and relaxing.

Underwear Matters How to Choose Your Brief

Choose the Right Fit

This is the most crucial consideration when buying your brief. You want something that is not too tight as this will make unsightly marks and cut off your circulation. You also don’t want anything loose because this will not give enough support, and this will promote skin chafing and irritation. Fit matters a lot because the wrong kind of underwear will keep hiking up your ass. An annoying wedgie that refuses to stay put has the power to ruin your entire day.

Purchase Attractive Colors Patterns

Typically, guys go for solid colours when it comes to their skivvies. However, those of you who want to add character to your daily ensemble have the option of wearing kitschy underwear in various prints and colours. If you are looking to have a great time with your lady love, pick one that will make her smile and turn her on. Who says you have to be stuck with boring underwear all your life? There is a broad range of men’s briefs out there that will add spice to your life.

Bottom Line

Briefs are garments that you tend to take for granted. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will pay more attention to your briefs. This simple piece of cloth actually has a significant job of protecting your best assets. Choose a great cut and style that fits like a glove. You will be the most frequent person to see your briefs, so you owe it to yourself to make sure that you see something beautiful every single time you have to pull down your pants. So why not start shopping now?

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