Top T-Shirt Trends For Men In 2020

The old cliché of gentlemen with formals have evolved over some time. Now men like to sport their western desi swag with not just formals but also t-shirts and denim. If you belong to that fraternity of men that wears their attitude on their sleeves, adding t-shirts to your wardrobe looks like a profitable proposition to fuel your style. But where do you begin from in your exquisite flavors in your fashion hunt? Do not look baffled as we have added six types of t-shirts that are must-have for the ultra-modern men to show their bright side in fashion.

T-Shirt Trends For Men

1. Polo T-shirts 

Polo t-shirts are accommodative in various events like formal meetings, get together, hangouts and even when you want to wear something light to the gym. Those who have lean bodies must pick Polo t-shirts as they make the upper body appear fuller. Just for caution, make sure that your body is not oversized as these t-shirts might become a fashion disaster then.

 2. Henley T-shirts 

T-Shirt Trends For Men

Most people do not like collar t-shirts, and they are looking for an alternative, for such folks, the Henley t-shirts make a perfect option to pick. These t-shirts come with buttoned plackets, and they blend well with denim, chinos, khakis, cargoes and sweatpants. Patterns and coloured Henley t-shirts are available, but those with plain or one coloured design look sober and appealing.

3. V-Neck T-Shirts 

Those who are working hard on their body and own an incredible physique must own these V-neck t-shirts as they ensure better visibility of the chests and body cuts. These t-shirts are beautiful at the same time. If you carry the hipster image in your neighborhood, these t-shirts can complement and make you appear much more stylish.

4. Striped T-Shirts 

T-Shirt Trends For Men

If you want a t-shirt that fits in every set-up and occasion, striped t-shirts are something that you should shop for. These t-shirts are available in horizontal and vertical stripes, and they look fab with denim and khakis.


5. Graphic T-shirts 

men graphic fashion

Catch lines and punchlines are sure to attract people around, and if you love new fashion trends, a graphic t-shirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. These t-shirts come with attitude adjustment punchlines that can convey the fashion image of yours. Many t-shirts have funny one-liners, whereas some of the t-shirts have emoticons and designs that look cool.

6. Retro Typography T-shirts 

It might sound like old wine, but it is going in fashion with retro fonts appearing in psychedelic colours on your t-shirts. The look and feel simulate the early 60’s style. The graphic t-shirts blend well with denim and khakis. There is also provision for slogan printing on these t-shirts on particular demand, though they might be a little costly in comparison to its original retro typography t-shirts.


T-shirts demand very little maintenance, and they can be a versatile option to pick as per the mood and the events around. As a result of this, they are often the most preferred fabric that most men desire to have in their wardrobe. The above noteworthy mentions can help you cover miles in your fashion journey as per the prevailing and changing trends as anticipated.

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