Top Messy Hairstyles for Men

Messy hairstyles are becoming more and more popular among men. The reason is that artfully unkempt hair is a quick and simple alternative to the traditionally styled mane. Besides, men’s messy hairstyles ensure a stylish and sexy look women love.

When it comes to the main benefits of messy haircut styles, you need to know that “chaotic” hair is incredibly easy to manage and it requires almost zero maintenance. You can just wake up, get out of your bed, run your fingers through your hair and that’s all – you look fashionable and hot. But know this… that’s only if you prefer short messy hairstyles as medium and long ones can be a bit difficult to manipulate. Medium and long hair carries more weight and you may need some styling products, such as wax, clay or pomade, in order to easily style your messy locks. For this reason some males may consider men’s haircut Houston for private and relaxing grooming services.

Now check out some messy hairstyles men, find awesome and choose the perfect messy haircut idea for your new look. For more male hair styles you also may check other men haircuts at Besthairlooks.

Messy Haircuts for Men with Straight Hair

Messy Crop with Feathered Ombre and Hard Line

This short haircut can be styled in a number of ways, but these messy spikes in gray look really fantastic and create a cool contrast with the hair roots. Middle fade and a hard line complete this hairstyle and work with the beard in perfect harmony.

Short Messy Hair for Guys with Mini Fringe

The messy style is great for fine short hair because it creates more volume at the top. Mini fringe and several long strands on the forehead makes the look alluring and trendy. It’s really worth a try!

Messy Faux Hawk with Taper Cut

messy hairstyles for men

One more cool idea for messy style is the chaotic faux hawk. Trimmed sides and back combined with the mid-length faux hawk make an edgier and boyish look. Several sloppy strands in the front add a sexy touch to the style. It’s probably safe to say that this is one of the best hairstyles for men with straight hair.

Messy Wavy Hairstyles for Guysmessy hairstyles for men

Bed Head Style for Thick Wavy Hair

It isn’t always so easy to style thick wavy hair. Well, if you pick this messy haircut, you’ll see that the waves aren’t a curse… but rather they are your advantage that makes your cuts naturally voluminous. Just get a short back and sides to style your hair and choose the proper matte styling products to enhance your locks.

Messy Mohawk for Dyed Hair

messy hairstyles for men

Such a bold haircut is ideal for men who like to stand out from the crowd but don’t want to spend much time arranging their hair. High fade with one hard curved line and two tiny curved ones on the side makes you look cheeky and a bit extravagant. Dye the top crimson and add a little product to fix your Mohawk and be the center of attention anyway.

Textured Hairstyle for Long Messy Waves

messy hairstyles for men

This option of men’s messy hairstyles looks really natural and effortless. It seems that this haircut doesn’t require any styling, and rightly so. All you need to do is cut your sides and back a little bit and run your fingers through your waves in the morning when you get up.

Choose the best messy hairstyle depending on your hair type, length and sense of style. Try to wear a messy cut at least once and it will be your favorite style shortly!

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