Top 7 Eyewear Style Trends for 2021

It’s not a secret that eyewear protects the eye from common irritation like sand, dust, and many more when engaging in day-to-day activities. The importance of eyewear does not end there. It also serves as a blockage from the harmful UV rays.

However, the usage of eyewear can be beyond serving as protection against anti-eye substances and conditions. Eyewear has been infused into the cultural fashion phenomenon. There is a trendy and fashionable eyewear that adds to how classy you are. This is why we’ve come up with a list of top eyewear style trends. Although some of this eyewear has been around for a while and trail off along the line. It’s beginning to make a resurgence lately.

In a moment we’ll be looking at the top 7 eyewear style trends for 2021, not leaving out the round frame glasses. Without further ado let’s get to it.

Top 7 Eyewear Style Trends

Fancy Cat Eyes Sunglasses

The first eyewear on our list is the fancy cat-eye sunglasses. The timeless piece started gaining popularity in the 50s and trail off in the 60s. The sunglasses were made fashionable by Elizabeth Taylor, Oprah Winfrey, Audrey Hepburn, and many other women at the time. However, the fancy cat-eye sunglasses have made a resurgence as of recent.

These sunglasses are not only flattering and flirty but also with a touch of retro flair. This set of eyewear is perfect for those that want the slimming of the face. Fancy cat eyes will make you look more glamorous and chicky.

Stylish Clear Eyeglass

Stylish clear eyeglasses have been around for quite some time. However, it managed to be among the top trendy eyewear in 2021. The eyeglass captivated the imaginations of every fashion designer. Consequently, the stylish clear eyeglass has been infused in clothing, accessory design. It has also changed people’s perception of eyewear.

The set of eyes are either transparent or have a slight tint. This makes it almost invincible from afar. These glasses are perfect for people that don’t like using makeup.

The lack of color of these transparent glasses adds to its durability. Stylish clear eyeglasses do not fade like other regular eyewear. This makes it economical and easy to use.

Oversized Extra -large Sunglasses for Women

Although oversized extra-large sunglasses have been around for a while now. There’s a reason why it is added to this list, the eyewear is relatively suitable for everyone. Either your face is oval or square, big or small, oversized extra-large sunglasses are for you.

This eyewear comes in different sizes and frame thickness. So you can easily decide on the one that fits you.

Vintage Round Eyewear

The iconic eyewear was invented in the earliest of 1920s but later came into vogue in the 70s. Made out of celluloid and metal, this circular-lensed wired glass is the most sought-out for visual correction available at the time. Irrespective of the aesthetic you have, you should be able to find the perfect glasses for you.

However, the outline of your glasses must be able to bring out the unique shape of your face. The vintage round eyewear has the benefit of adding softer lines to a square face than an angular jawline. Therefore, these sunglasses are perfect for those with round faces. As it draws attention to the eye line and cheekbones.

Top 7 Eyewear Style Trends

Hipster Eyeglasses Eyewear

The hipster eyeglasses are one of the best selling eyewear. The eyeglasses were previously designed in a simple shaped style. But as more public figures started rocking it, the eyewear was adopted in the cultural fashion phenomenon.

With thick rims, simple lines, and large square shapes, the eyewear is stylish for men with strong personalities. It is also trendy and highly suitable for young urban creatives.

Amber/Yellow and Orange Lenses

The Amber/yellow and orange lenses make your environment brighter. This eyewear is commonly used in low-light conditions. The tint of this lens has the block blue light that enhances contrast. In a nutshell, these sets of eyewear are suitable for foggy and hazy conditions.

Pink Lenses

Apart from the fact that pink is cute, the block blue light of the lens reduces the straining of the eyes. Also, the pink lenses aid the eyes in the adaptation of contrasts. The pink lenses are perfect for winter sports fans, gamers, and computer users.

Other benefits of the pink lenses

    • Enhance road visibility.
    • Improves visual depth.
    • Suitable for weather conditions like snow.

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