Top 5 Style Mistakes You Should Avoid On A First Date

First dates are all about making a first good impression. You want to look perfect, and your style will make the difference. However, your style could also become your biggest enemy if you have no clue how to do it right. All in all, here are some of the most common style mistakes you should avoid on a first date.

style mistakes on first date

Dressing up uncomfortably

You know that looking perfect takes a bit of discomfort – you want to impress, so you will do anything. This is a terrible mistake though. You will feel terrible throughout the whole date and unable to enjoy it. You will feel awkward and may even end up in an embarrassing situation.

Instead, opt for something casual. Indeed, find something that compliments your body and figure, but at the same time, stick to things that you would wear on a regular basis. You need to be as you are, rather than give a false impression. Plus, feeling comfortable will make you feel good and natural.

Dressing for the wrong type of date

This is another common problem when going on a first date. You appear to be very smart, and your date implies an off-road vehicle ride. From this point of view, it pays off knowing what type of date this is. You need to dress for that particular situation. Overdressing is the most common mistake out there, but underdressing could also be an issue. Plus, do you really want to look out of place?

If you are the one planning the date, you should know precisely what to wear based on where you are going. If you are the one invited on a date, make sure you discuss it upfront, rather than guess.

Getting a haircut before the date

If you think a haircut will give you more confidence, think twice about it. You may end up with some unexpected issues. For example, lots of people dislike their new haircuts. It may take a while to get used to it. If you hate it, you will feel terrible. You will end up uncomfortable, so you will not be able to enjoy it.

Of course, first dates may come out of nowhere – you might end up meeting someone just after you get a haircut. There is not much you can do then. But if you know about the date in advance, make sure you do not book a haircut close to it.



Dressing for the wrong age

According to TheAbsoluteDater.com, it’s important that you dress appropriately for your age. Older ladies tend to make this mistake quite often. Of course, everyone wants to appear younger. Makeup is a good choice, but do not exaggerate. You do not want to look like you are trying too hard. Besides, you do not want to surprise the man without any makeup later on. The same rule applies when dressing up. You may want to look younger, but dressing up like a 25-year-old girl when you are 50 years old is not appropriate. You will look ridiculous.

Readjusting the outfit every few minutes

If you see someone readjusting their outfit every few minutes, it might make you feel uneasy. Sure, it is a sign that they actually care about what you think about them – a bit too much maybe. The same rule applies if you end up readjusting the outfit too often.

It is perfectly normal to readjust the outfit every now and then, but here is a better idea. Instead, simply avoid fiddly clothes that require too many adjustments. If you actually have to readjust everything, it might be better to simply go to the toilet and refresh everything. Again, avoid doing it too often.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, these are some of the most common style mistakes you should avoid on a first date. Avoiding them is relatively simple as you can simply prevent them with a bit of preparation. Once you prevent all the things that could ruin your date, you will be able to enjoy it, as it goes smoothly. Plus, making a good first impression will be a piece of cake.

As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that your outfit must show off who you truly are, rather than trying to make a false impression.

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