Top 5 Creed Colognes for Men 2019

The fragrance you wear is just as important as your looks. Wearing the right scent sets you apart, boosts your confidence and your overall appearance. You should wear colognes that fit your personality and style; this will present you in a remarkable way whether you are attending a special event or on a casual outing with friends.

When it comes to choosing the best cologne, it all depends on your preference. However, Creed is one of the recommended places to shop for cologne if you are looking for a new one. House of Creed is well known for producing high quality and original perfumes for women and men.

So, which are the best Creed colognes for men this year?

Let’s dive in!

1 Creed Aventus

This is the rock star when it comes to fragrance community; it’s the brand’s best-selling fragrance for a whopping 260 years of history! It’s the best smelling Creed Cologne you will come across.

It has a fruity, sweet smelling masculine fragrance that is super unique and remains mass appealing. It’s versatile; you can wear it on all occasions and all seasons, day or night. It’s great for dates and nights out.

For best results, don’t overspray it since the juicy smell is long lasting.

2 Creed Green Irish Tweed

This cologne has an impeccable balance between clean, fresh, citrusy fragrance and masculine scent. It’s soapy and green; it dries down to ambergris, and sandalwood giving it a nice woody sweetness vibe.

Creed Green Irish Tweed is versatile but shines mostly in summer and spring. It’s long lasting and can make a great signature scent.

Top 5 Creed Colognes for Men 2019

3 Creed Millesime Imperial

This Creed Cologne opens up with a citrusy fresh smell and a trace of sea salt.

It has a unisex scent which can be worn anytime, anywhere and by all ages. It’s also perfect for hot humid conditions and summer.

4 Creed Viking

Creed Viking opens up with an icy freshness blast and a sizzling spicy vibe derived from pink pepper. It’s a remarkable signature scent; super versatile and can be worn at all times, on all occasions.

It’s bold and has a more mature masculine scent and this makes it perfect for persons over 30 years.

Top 5 Creed Colognes for Men 2019

5 Creed Original Santal

This is great unisex Creed Cologne with a sandalwood based scent.

It’s exceptional and appeals to the masses because of its prominent spicy cinnamon fragrance and a sweet creamy vibe. It’s very versatile and perfect for dates, clubbing, nights out and romantic settings.

Caution: don’t wear it during summer since you will choke people around you.

House of Creed has so many colognes that are of high quality and easy to wear; those are just a few. Most of Creed colognes are versatile but ensure you research well to pick the right one for the season.

Creed colognes are expensive but they are worth your money since you are assured of high-quality products, amazing fragrances, and long-lasting scent. Every Creed scent has its fan base depending on tastes and preferences; choose the best amongst our top five lists and smell amazing!

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