Tongue Piercing: Style statement or a complete disaster? Read on to find out

Getting tongue piercing done can be a way to express your style, but it can be a disaster or dangerous too. As we all know our mouth has a lot of bacteria which can be a prime reason for a few infections and swelling. Tongue piercing can lead to a lot of blood loss and bleeding. Also, a swollen tongue can make it difficult for you to breathe. The tongue jewelry can create a few issues as well.

These days, people get tongue piercing done just for fun instead of representing the traditions and beliefs. Many people do it for showing off to others. It is gaining a lot of popularity, having body piercing, oral piercing, and tattoos. People do it more often because of the increasing demand these days.

tongue piercing fashion

Oral piercing includes tongue, lip or cheek piercing. It is not new as this has been happening for many years, though a few changes have been made with time. It happens in various parts of the world. There are few safety measures one should keep in mind before getting it done to make your tongue piercing a style statement, not a complete disaster:

    • Make sure before you get a tongue piercing done, make sure you got your vaccines up to date especially for tetanus and hepatitis B.
    • Make sure you pick a clean and hygienic shop. Look for people who are trained and a place that has a proper license to do such piercings.
    • The tools getting used for your tongue piercing should be sterilized and should not be used again at all.
    • The needle should be new and has never been used earlier to anyone. The shop should not use a gun for piercing.
    • The person doing your tongue piercing should wash his or her hands before piercing and also should wear properly washed gloves.

Generally, people wear barbell style jewelry after piercing and sometimes get directly pierced through it. As we all know the frequent movement of the tongue, your tongue jewelry has to be very comfortable. Barbells generally don’t create any discomfort or irritation. One should make sure that they choose the best kind of metal for them so that it won’t create any problem for them in the later stage. It’s important to know that if you experience any oral discomfort or bleeding to immediately sort out mouth sores at general dentistry in avon lake ohio

tongue piercing fashion

Here we’ll discuss a few points on how to take care of your tongue piercing:

  • Make sure when you leave the place that your piercing heals and doesn’t get affected.
  • Healing takes 3 to 4 weeks to heal and in the meantime, you should keep rinsing your mouth after everything you eat with a non-alcoholic mouthwash or warm salt water.
  • One should make sure that you don’t share your plates, spoons, cups, forks, glass, and knives with anyone.
  • One should eat slowly and chew properly before gulping the food in and also, eat everything in small bites.
  • One should not eat anything spicy or salty food and should not drink anything acidic and consume alcohol.
  • One should not have a lot of tea and coffee as well.

Keeping these points in mind one can get the tongue piercing done and flaunt it the way they want to. Enjoy your piercing and just be careful.

Good Luck!

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