Tips On How To Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions

Whether a new client or an avid lash lover, it’s no secret that eyelash extension aftercare and long-lasting lash fills go hand-in-hand. One of the key rules of aftercare is avoiding excess moisture. But, how can we wash our face with eyelash extensions while also avoiding moisture? Follow along, as we break down the simple steps, face washing routines and how lash shampoos can help you in the process.

How To Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions

Avoiding Water

First, let’s explore the science behind avoiding excess exposure to water and moisture. When our lashes are in constant contact with water, we actually pose the risk of dissolving the cyanoacrylate chemistry and the glue bond that binds natural lashes with extensions. By interfering with the chemistry of the adhesive, we loosen the glue and make the bond extremely sensitive to breakage. Ultimately, the eyelash extensions fail to stay attached and they experience premature fall-out.

This is why experienced lash artists will warn their clients to steer clear from any contact with water in the initial 24 hours after their lash appointment. However, we must mention that the ‘no water contact’ rule does not apply when we are cleansing our lashes with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Tips On Face Washing

Now, let’s talk about the best ways to wash our faces safely without ruining eyelash extensions and how these tips can be incorporated in any skincare routine!

Wash By Sections

By dividing our face into 4 sections: the forehead, the cheeks and the chin areas, we can focus on cleansing one section at a time and avoid running water on the lash extensions. Begin by placing 1-2 pumps of eyelash extension shampoo to the upper lash line and washing your forehead with gentle and circular motions. Lash shampoo is our security gate that protects the lashes from dripping water.

Dab The Moisture

The next step is to use microfiber face cloths to dab off the excess moisture. Washcloths are optimal for controlling running water, for clearing any makeup or product residue from the face and patting the skin without causing irritation or dryness.

Use Water-Based Cleansers

Another pro tip, is to say goodbye to oil cleansers and introduce only water or gel-based cleansers into your everyday skincare routines. Having the similar mechanism as excess moisture, oil-rich ingredients can dissolve the powerful bonds that connect eyelash extensions and natural lashes, leading to lash fall-out weeks in advance! A water-based cleanser and micellar makeup removers avoid the risk of brittle lash extension bonds.

No Foundation On The Eyes

Along with cleansers and makeup removers, it’s also paramount to avoid applying oil-based makeup products on the eyes and near the lash lines. Products like foundations and concealers are high in oil formulations and can create similar issues as oil-based cleansers.

As we know, oil and water don’t mix, which is why removing foundation and concealers with gel-based cleansers is not effective. This means we have to rely on oil cleansers for proper removal of makeup and risk premature shedding.

Eyelash Extension Shampoo

And lastly, let’s not forget to mention the benefits of incorporating  eyelash extension shampoos – even when we’re washing our faces. Lash shampoos can act as barriers between running water and lash fans. However, these shampoos are the #1 way we can upkeep extension longevity, by removing traces of body oils, environmental dirt and makeup residue  that may be secretly hidden along the lash line. With clean lashes, lash shampoos prevent brittle connections and lead to durable effects!

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