Tips for Buying Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet

Being a woman can be tough. You are demanded to look beautiful so that your appearance would fit the occasion. Some professions even require you to wear smart clothes and high heels every day. Whereas some women love these shoes, and they can’t imagine their lives without them, others can’t stand wearing high heels. choosing comfortable shoes may tear you up, let alone if you have wide feet, and you can’t suit the right size. Visit Shoe Hero and look at their buying guides to help you with your future purchases.

What then? Are you already fated to wear flat shoes forever? Not really. Although you may be discouraged from buying another inconvenient pair of high heels after having blisters on your feet, you shouldn’t give up so quickly. One or two poorly fitted pairs doesn’t mean that you always have to suffer. It’s enough if you know what to point out while shopping, and you should be satisfied with your purchase and your feet with well-suited footwear. Make a note of the tips presented below and save your feet from further suffering.Buying Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet

Choose Wide Fit Shoes

Due to the lack of awareness, many women with wide feet make a common mistake, buying a bigger size of shoes. Not everyone knows that there’s something like wide fit shoes designed specifically for people like you. You no longer have to wear too big heels. Now, all you must do is only find the closest shoe shop with such footwear, either online or traditional one, and try them on. Only then can you feel a significant difference and incomparable comfort offered by these high heels.

Not All Sizes are Equal

Once you choose your wide fit shoes, you may think you’re done. Not at all. Even knowing your size very well, you can’t rely on this for your whole life. Different shoe companies have different sizes. Therefore, it’s not recommended to buy shoes online sight unseen, only according to your gut feeling that they’ll fit. Your feet may get wider for different reasons at different stages of your life. So, it’s always better to measure heels before making a new purchase.Buying Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet

Always Try Shoes On

Although you were probably told a million times that you should always try shoes on, you probably forgot about this simple rule, not once. People buy shoes only because they’re pretty, fashionable or cheap. Sometimes, you’re in a hurry, but you urgently need a new pair of high heels for your friend’s wedding party. Why not purchase casual shoes from a window display? They look so sexy, and you’ll more than certainly make a deep impression on everyone, including all your friends who will be green with envy. But then, being already at home, you realise that it was a bad choice. Neither you feel comfortable, nor you can walk. Therefore, it’s so important to try the shoes on beforehand and walk around for a while.

Buying Comfortable Heels for Wide FeetChoose Soft Materials

The cure for wide feet can also be a soft material, such as leather or suede. The softer material you choose, the more comfortable you feel. Never opt for synthetic or Perspex materials, which may look nice, but they’re unbearable when worn. Then, all you may feel is only hurting, and that’s not the case. Sometimes, you spend all day on your feet at work, so take care of them as you take care of your haircut or make-up. They are equally important. Even if high heels made from leather are more expensive, it’s worth investing a little bit more to feel good.

Avoid Pointy Heels

Although pointy high heels have always been in vogue, adding to your outfit an extra glow and glam, they aren’t designed for wide feet. You’ll only feel discomfort while walking and won’t be able to enjoy your new shoes as you’d like to. They will hurt you really badly, particularly in the beginning. After some time, there’s the chance you’ll get acquainted with them, but if you really must buy them, reach for wide fit shoes again.


Consider Heel Placement, Thickness, and Height

Finally, you could consider where the heel is placed. Ideally, it should be precisely under your own heel. When you find such shoes, then point to its thickness. The thicker it is, the better the stability. Why? Because you keep your whole body on your feet, and consequently on heels. If you want to avoid any ankle sprains or other incidents, try to find wide and thick shoes. But what about the height? Does it matter how high your heels are? Of course, it does. If you want to keep the balance and avoid weighting your back, knees, and ankles too much, choose heels between 3 and 9 cm, which are the most convenient to walk in. For daily wear, you can pick lower heels from your wardrobe, and for more elegant events or cocktail parties at the weekend, feel free to wear higher high heels.

Having wide feet is a common problem met among most women. You aren’t the only one who struggles with that, though nobody speaks out about this inconvenience. But now, having all these tips up your sleeve, you should be ready to face this nuisance and choose the most comfortable heels for your feet.

Daria Skutecka

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