The B-Spoken Clothing Collections Can Be Tried On Online Now

Global corporate network lounge b-spoken has launched a collaboration with Goodstyle app. The clothes by world-famous fashion designers are available for virtual fitting in mobile app now.

Choosing a perfect look isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be time consuming and costly. Even after you’re done, you still may not get exactly what you want. Now you can virtually try on sustainable luxurious collections made in Italy before making a purchase to ensure the look and fit suits you well. By the way, this will help to avoid returns by using a digital try on and to reduce CO2 emissions.

The B-Spoken Clothing Collections

B-Spoken company caters needs of a growing clientele for a sustainable luxury lifestyle with impeccable high quality service. It gives fashion connoisseurs unlimited access to the trending items of independent designers. B-Spoken offers a varied assortment of handmade tailored suits for everyone. A good selection of quality and trendy models, regular discounts and worldwide delivery: to London, New York, Sydney or any other place of the world. The B-Spoken team of professionals is constantly working on creating outfits and provides clients with the opportunity not only to purchase, but to try on clothes offline or online in the mobile app as well.

The problem of choosing clothes in online stores is becoming more and more urgent. The wrong choice leads to a return, and therefore to costs for transport, packaging, etc. Buyers get negative experience, sellers lose their profits. Considering that the issue is rather time-consuming, sellers try to solve it using standard methods –they consult consumers by phone, comment on the models’ parameters in the photo, etc. At the same time, online sales are growing rapidly. Standard solutions are becoming less and less effective.

Stores using virtual try on technologies report the following changes after 3 months of usage:

1. Increase in coverage by 19-20%.
2. Reducing the number of returns and unredeemed orders by 30-40% .
3. Increasing engagement
4. Growth in the dynamics of the transition of new customers to the category of regular customers.

With the help of the technology powered by Goodstyle app, the user can not only try on things virtually, but also combine items, create a complete look and manage a virtual wardrobe. As a result, app users experience less disappointment from unsuccessful purchases and unjustified expenses, and stores have fewer returns and unredeemed orders.

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