Swiss Watch: Tissot PR100 Review

Every watch enthusiast would go for Swiss watches over the Chinese made timepiece no matter the cost. This is because people who love to wear watches are aware of how good Swiss watches are.

Swiss watches are magnificent but a great brand is also necessary. Everyone who is in love with Swiss watches is aware of Tissot. It is a Swiss watchmaker, who loves to innovate and bring new and modern products to its customers. The Company slogan is “Innovators by Tradition“. The Brand has a significant presence in the watch market and its products are just magnificent.

Tissot is in the watchmaking business since 1853. Tissot loves to innovate and they were the first one to mass-produce pocket watch. They were also the first ones to introduce a pocket watch with two time zones and the first anti-magnetic watch was also made by Tissot. Tissot has continued to innovate and was the first one to make watches out of plastic, stone, mother of pearl, and wood.

Not only innovation Tissot watches are also known to last longer. Today we will be talking about a specific Tissot watch which is Tissot PR100. We will be discussing everything about Tissot PR100 there is to know and what makes it a great watch?

Let get right into it.

Swiss Watch Tissot PR100 Review
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Tissot PR100

The Tissot PR 100 watch is an insanely popular watch within the Tissot watch range. This product is not only known to be Precise but it is Robust too. The Tissot PR100 range was launched to give watches a modern look with traditional watch designs. It uses quality materials. One of the best things about this watch is that it is quite affordable and is functional enough for everyday use. The watch has a simple design but it does not mean that you can’t wear it at an important event. The watch is a work of art and even though it has a simple design it looks great.

Basic Features of Tissot PR100

Swiss Watch Tissot PR100 Review
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Most of the Swiss watches are highly-priced while Tissot PR100 is not only an affordable watch, it does compromise on its functionality. Tissot PR100 is functional enough for your everyday use plus it can also be worn at special events like parties and marriages. It is a simple watch with a dial, a bracelet that is made of stainless steel, and looks quite elegant.


1 HMSD Dial.

2 EOL (battery end-of-life indicator).

3 Swiss quartz movement.

4 Stainless Steel strap with folding clasp and push-buttons.

5 Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.

6 100m water resistance.

What is it that makes Tissot PR100 so irresistible?

Swiss Watch Tissot PR100 Review
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1 Craftsmanship

Every watch shows time but what makes the Tissot PR100 different is the Tissot brand’s rich history. You can buy a 10$ watch if you just want to see time but if you want a piece of art then Tissot PR100 is for you. The art of watchmaking has become extinct. Hardly few brands make exceptional watches that are up-to-the-mark. Tissot watches are filled with the craftsmanship and century-long knowledge of making great watches. They follow every standard there is to make a great product. Tissot strives to innovate and their watches have shown continuous improvement and are one of the best you can find out there.

2 Built to Last

Tissot PR100 is very popular among Swiss watch lovers. Tissot PR100 is a Swiss watch and what makes it so popular is not just its price but the high-quality standards used while making this watch. It is not like those 10$ temporary watches this one is built to last. The watch is a combination of simplicity, tradition, and modern looks and it can last for generations. Tissot PR100 has solid steel links and cases. These solid steel links make the watch heavy feeling on the wrist. The Solid steel link and cases are responsible for keeping the watch in great shape for a long time. All the material used for making of Tissot PR100 is of standard quality and is very resistant to rust and can be re-polished when scratched.

Not only Tissot PR100 is built to last longer but the high-quality materials used while manufacturing of watch make it possible to repair scratched or broken parts.

3 Luxury Look

 Tissot PR100 Review
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The good build does not matter if the watch doesn’t look great. Tissot PR100 shows great quality and rich history of the craftsmanship of Tissot watches. Tissot PR100 does not only have a great build at an affordable price but it also has a great appearance.

A lot of effort has been put into designing this work of art. The design of the watch is simple. The Watch is traditional, modern, and innovative at the same time.

The looks of the watch show that high-quality materials have been used while manufacturing this masterpiece. The watch has luxurious looks and one should not hesitate to wear this master-piece in any Red carpet event just because of PR100’s affordable price.

4 Water-Resistant

Watch Tissot PR100 Review
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All Tissot watch cases are tested after manufacturing. Tissot conducts industry-standard tests to check whether all the watches are up to the mark or not. They test watch abilities by replicating the real-life conditions. They conduct many tests to check whether the watches can resist impacts, pressure, penetration of liquids, gas, and dust.

Tissot PR100 is also tested by Tissot and is known to have 100m water resistance.

This protects your watch from water and makes sure that you don’t have to look for a new watch just because you dropped your watch in water by mistake.

5 Sapphire Crystal Glass

In Tissot PR100 the sapphire crystal glass is used which gives the watch high resistance to impact.

Sapphire crystals can take many forms and which makes it possible for manufacturers to give the watch a variety of looks: flat, domed, concave, or ground.

The sapphire crystal glass gives the watch a superior screen and hand readability.

Sapphire crystal is known to be the strongest material after diamonds, it is used in Tissot PR100 to give watch its anti-scratch ability.

These were a few of the things which make Tissot PR100 irresistible and its highly affordable price just makes this watch a grab for everyone. This watch works with both everyday clothes and party dresses. The case, dial, and bracelet are all designed to look elegant. The quartz movement might not be that great but it is indeed accurate. The watch has 2 years of battery life and an End of Life indicator. If you love Swiss watches then this watch is a bargain.

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