Swimsuit Trends for Women

Women always want to look charming. The Lascana online store is exactly the place where you can prepare the best outfit for any occasion, but today, we are talking about swimsuits for women. What is trending now and will be popular in the near future? What models should you pay attention to so that even Poseidon admires your beauty?

trends of swimsuits

The best colors and patterns

In the 2022-23 season, nude colors are relevant, as well as plain blue, black, white, and pink swimwear. If you dream of becoming the queen of a beach party, pay attention to bathing suits for women with gold and silver sequins.

If monochrome women’s swimsuits seem too plain to you, and you are looking for something more original, animalistic prints are still in fashion, and you can choose them. At the same time, things with geometric patterns are considered trendy: stripes, polka dots, and other ornaments. But floral prints, which were at the peak of popularity until recently, are gradually fading into the background.

Feel free to experiment with bright patterns, width, and geometry of lines: this bow will not go unnoticed.

Popular styles

Most styles that were in trend last season remain relevant. Choose the following options, and you will be unsurpassed:

    • Crop-top swimwear is not only comfortable but also stylish. Choose women’s bathing suits with a top to move freely and feel like a goddess.
    • Fringes, tassels, and rings can turn your beach look into the hit of the season.
    • Original laces and ties will emphasize the natural beauty of your body, so be sure to pay attention to models with such decorative elements.
    • The fantastic geometry impresses with its variability and practicality. Geometric asymmetrical cuts hide flaws and focus attention on your strengths.

Although closed women’s swimsuits have been in trend for several seasons in a row, their popularity continues to grow. If you’re into one-piece swimsuits, you’ll still look stylish. Models in the style of the 80s are currently in trend: with high and sometimes quite revealing cuts on the hips and deep necklines.

Finally, the best trend remains the one you choose for yourself. You can combine tops and bottoms from different sets, experiment, and express yourself with any style and color. And as long as it brings you pleasure and allows you to feel as confident and attractive as possible, this is the style that should be followed. Be yourself, choose what you want — fashion today depends on women, not women on trends, and that’s great.

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