Shoelace Size: How to Pick the Right Size Shoelaces

Did you know that shoelaces are not a thing of only the modern world? The Greek’s used to wear rawhide laces back in the day. If you are trying to figure out the best shoelace size for your kicks, then you’re in the right place.

We have put together this short guide to share everything you need to know about shoelace sizes and choosing the right size and the right kind of shoelaces. Read on to learn more.

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Count the Eyelets

One simple way to figure out the best shoelace sizes for sneakers is to count how many eyelets are on the shoes. Those are the small holes you put the shoelaces through. You don’t need the total eyelets but how many pairs of eyelets there are.

Sneakers that have two to four pairs of eyelets need a shoelace that’s at least 24″ long. If your shoes have three to five pairs of eyelets then you need shoelaces that are around 30 inches. Sneakers that have 10 or more eyelets will require a shoelace that is at least 59” long.

You can also check out this shoe lace length chart to get a better idea.

Shoelace Types

Although there are hundreds of colors to choose from, there are six main types of shoelaces when you are choosing the perfect size for your shoes. The most common type are polyester or flat cotton laces. Usually, you see these laces on running shoes or sneakers.

The con with this type is that they are not very durable, so you will eventually have to replace them. The pro is that they are pretty easy to clean.

Another shoelace type are flat waxed laces. They are made out of the same materials as polyester or flat cotton laces, but they have a wax coating on top. These laces can stand up to water a lot better because of the coating and they are also more durable.

Round cotton laces are found in a variety of different shoes such as dress shoes, sneakers, running shoes, and sometimes boots. Round cotton laces are more durable than flat cotton laces.

The most common laces seen on boots are braided nylon laces. These tend to last a long time, and they are very strong because they are thicker. They don’t tangle up easily and they are also easy to tie.

A fifth type of lace is called a parcacord lace. This is similar to braided nylon laces, but they are even more durable.

Last but not least, the most common type of shoelace is the rawhide lace. These are durable and very stylish. Keep in mind that these can be difficult and stiff to tie. Usually rawhide laces are used as decoration on shoes such as moccasins.

Ready to Choose the Right Shoelace Size Like a Pro?

Now that you have learned the ins and outs of choosing a shoelace size that fits, you can determine the best fit for both your style and needs.

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