Retro is Rad: 5 of the Best 80s Street Fashion Looks

Known as the ‘yuppie’ decade, among other names, the 80s was an energetic decade with fashion styles that matched. Neon’s colors, mullets, and big hair defined the 80s.

But some styles have come back and are groovier than ever. Check out these 5 awesome 80s street fashion looks.

the Best 80s Street Fashion Looks
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High Waisted Jeans

What started about a decade ago with high-waisted skinny jeans has now reverted back to the 80s teen fashion. High rise jeans were all the rage in the 80s and they’re all the rage now.

The semi-baggie, straight-cut high-waisted style that is most popular now is affectionately called ‘mom jeans’…..because our moms used to wear them.


When Lycra hit the streets in the 80s, people could not get enough of it. Everyone wore spandex, for every occasion. People would dress it up with a flashy blouse and heavy jewelry or keep it casual with an oversized jacket and high-top sneakers over spandex bottoms.

Recently the spandex 80s fashion aesthetic has come back with a vengeance. Cycling shorts, that aren’t actually worn to cycle, are popping up everywhere. Celebrities are rocking spandex and we commoners are totally here for it.

Baggy Sweaters

Worn by both men and women, 80s grunge fashion loved sweaters two or three sizes too big. Back in the day, these sweaters were usually brightly colored and heavily patterned. Just check it out for yourself here.

These days, the baggy sweaters are back in action. However, the colors and patterns are somewhat toned down — except when there’s an ugly sweater competition going down.

Modern ‘hipster’ fashion often sees people digging out their parents’ old sweaters with garish patterns. The fantastic thing about this piece is you can pair it over anything. For a super retro look, a baggy sweater over spandex shorts will have you looking like you stepped off the set of Grease.



Leather Jackets

These were an absolute staple in every closet in the 80s and splashed onto every page of 80s fashion magazines. This item was not only worn by bikers and punks but pretty much the entire population — if they had any fashion sense that is.

Nowadays, the leather jacket is as much of a staple as it has always been. It’s easy to pair with everything, can be dressed up and down, and will always be in style. To really rock the 80s look, ditch the brown and black leather jackets for something a little bolder, such as red or purple.

Oversized Blazers

Oh, how every powerful woman and every aspiring one rocked an oversized blazer complete with shoulder pads in the 80s. These blazers were boxy and big with loud colors and noticeable shoulder pads.

The oversized blazers are back and so are the shoulder pads… kind of. These days the colors are more neutral, black or beige and the shoulders are structured without appearing like full armor.

Rocking 80s Street Fashion

Have you got any of these 80s street fashion items in your closet? If so, you’ll be ready and roaring to hit the streets in true 80s style. And if not, you must be itching to go out and get some.

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