Most Popular Vaping Accessories

Vaping is a highly personalized experience. Different people have different preferences. While some like to stick with the traditional juice flavors like tobacco; others like to go crazy with unconventional flavors like desserts and candies.

The same way, some people like to use box mods while others prefer to vape with sub-ohm.

With such an overwhelming array of choices, devices like dab rig carb caps and flavors to choose from, most people are left feeling confused as to what to pick and what to leave.

To that end, we have compiled a list of the finest accessories trending in 2019. You should definitely get your hands on these for a finer, top-of-the-line vaping experience.

Most Popular Vaping Accessories in 2019

1. Vape Pens for Wax Concentrates

Vaping doesn’t necessarily have to be all about nicotine based e-juices. Many people love to vape cannabis and wax concentrates. The equipment for vaping wax and cannabis can vary from the traditional vaping equipment.

They are quite similar to any other vaporizer in terms of functionality. There’s an atomizer and a coil that uses heat to melt down concentrates and turn them into vapors which are inhaled directly. One thing that separately vaping wax concentrates from vaping e-juices is that the hit and the flavor of the vape are out of this world.

Additionally, the convenience factor of using a vape pen is unparalleled. People who want a stronger feeling use wax dabber.

Deb accessories by Big Daddy Smoke come with multifunctional capacity. They can use a variety of material from herbs to concentrates.

2. Vape Storage

For those of you who are big on organization, this one is a must. Even if you are not; it’s always good to have a place where you can store all your vaping gear. Many vaping enthusiasts have a ton of gear but they don’t have a decent storage system. That can make it difficult to find the right piece at the right time. They can use dugout pipes in which they can store their pipe, herbs and cleaning tool.

Investing in vape storage is one of the wisest things. You can place all your accessories, juices, tanks and modes and organize them beautifully.

Vape stand Titan V2 VC4  is one of the most awesome kits available on Amazon for this purpose.

Here’s what this kit contains:

• 42 holes vape stand

• Provision for storing tube mods, e-liquid bottles, drip tips, batteries, box mods, atomizers.

• A slot for battery charger, barriers, and liquid bottles of varying sizes, etc.

 3. Express Charger Bundle

A fast-charging e-cig battery every vaping enthusiast’s dream come true. To that end, you might want to invest in a V2 series express charger bundle. It contains an adapter and a V2 battery charger.

All you have to do is plug the battery into the US charger and insert the USB end into the port or in a wall adapter. The express charger works really quickly so it would definitely cut down on your wait time.

The bundle comes with an icon that turns from red to blue indicating a full charge.


• Batteries chargeable under 2 hours

• Build-in chip meant to prevent accidental overcharging

Most Popular Vaping Accessories in 2019
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Vape Tank

After investing in a vape juice and a solid battery, the next must-have item on your list should be a vape tank. While you can always go with an average Joe, investing in a quality vape tank can remarkably change your entire vaping experience.

Tank kits is a good choice in that context. The sheer capacity of this accessory will blow your mind. It can carry an impressive 6 mL e-juice which is sure to last a considerable amount of time. It works between ohm resistances of 0.15 and 0.5 so it’s built for sub-ohm vaping.

What’s more, this accessory also lets you control the airflow with the help of a direct airflow inlet control.

All and all, by investing in a vape tank you get a promise for a more comfortable and a lot smoother vaping experience. This is definitely one accessory to explore in 2019.

5. Sub-Ohming

You may not know this but the electrical resistance of your vaping unit largely defines the quality of vaping. Among the most popular ones is called ‘sub-ohm vaping’. An ohm is basically a unit that measures electrical resistance.

It’s a completely different experience in the sense that you get a promise for:

• Huge vapor production

• Warm vapors

• Flavorful vapes

If you do choose the sub-ohm vaping route, you can invest in Smok Stick V8 Baby Kit. It comes in three interesting colors – silver, black, and rainbows.

The setup includes:

• 2000 mAh battery

• 3mL capacity baby tank

• USB charging cable

• 2 Baby coils with M2 core (.25 and 0.15 ohm)

Drip Tip

One of the golden things about vaping is that you have the power to control everything. You can change vaping accessories, juices, and air flow to customize the whole experience. Unfortunately, not many people care to tweak their drip tips.

Otherwise known as a mouthpiece, you can choose from different shapes and sizes. They also come in a range of materials and sizes. Mostly they are made of wood, ceramic, plastic, metal and pyrex glass.

Vase drip tip is ergonomically designed to fit in your mouth in a highly comfortable way. You may not realize it now, but this one subtle change could add a whole new level of comfort to your vaping.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you check out all of these accessories. They are sure to elevate your vaping experience and make you fall in love with it all over again.

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